Here we go again. Samsung has released yet another Galaxy device, and at this rate, we will actually end up with more Samsung Galaxies than real galaxies – but I digress.

The Galaxy Grand 2 is a midrange phone geared toward the Asian markets where dual SIM card phones are popular, and while it is a better performer than dual SIM cards past, the Grand 2 doesn’t give us a lot to get excited about. Here are five reasons you should consider looking elsewhere for your next smartphone.

Reason #1: Lackluster Screen

I’ll admit, this screen is better than the Grand Duos pathetic WVGA display, but still only has only a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, which makes for a fairly anemic pixel density on such a large screen. If you’re going to go big, go big – but do it with enough pixels to make it worth your users’ watching it.

Reason #2: No LTE

Today, it is almost a given that a new smartphone will have LTE capability, yet the Grand 2 does not. Why? Probably due to its intended market. If you are an American who would love to jump into the dual SIM game with a Galaxy Grand 2, why should you be limited to old school 3G?

Reason #3: Cheap Construction

OK, OK, it’s a Samsung, so we know it’s going to be plastic, but the fake leather back and fake stitching around the edges is a pathetic attempt to make this device appear high end. Trust me, no one is fooled, and everyone is still waiting for Samsung to ditch the plastic in favor of something a little more solid. The faux leather back may be less slippery, but it still is just as prone to scratches and damage as its predecessors.

Reason #4: Lackluster Speed

Even with a quad-core processor, this phone lags behind a lot of other smartphones that are similarly priced, and it is not a fast phone by any stretch of the imagination, especially considering the fact that it has two SIM cards to deal with on top of everything else.

Reason #5: Better Options

If you must buy a dual SIM phone, you may very well be stuck in the low end phone market buying a sub par phone like the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. However, if you want a phone with more features, better speeds, better cameras, and better construction, consider picking up a flagship device like the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4. Both of these phones are soon to be replaced by the new and improved versions, so you can look forward to buying them for much lower prices which are comparable to what you would pay for the Galaxy Grand 2. You will get more phone for your money to be certain.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is a mediocre phone, it does give me hope for the future in a strange sort of way, simply because it is so much better than its predecessor. Perhaps this means that dual SIM phones are trending up in terms of performance and features. If the market continues to trend toward dual SIM devices, we can expect Samsung and other companies to step up their game in this area, so hopefully the next versions will be a little more ready for primetime.

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