With the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, dual SIM card users finally have a phone worth getting excited about.

Not only does it feature the dual SIMs, giving you the ability to maintain two phone numbers in a single handset, it also features a large, HD screen, a quad core processor, a very nice 8 megapixel rear camera, a great battery, and much, much more.

This phone is targeted primarily to Asian markets and is not widely available in the United States, but even American buyers can get their hands on one if they know where to look. Here are the current pricing details and promotions available for this device.

Samsung’s Website

The best place to go for a good base price is the manufacturer’s website itself. You can currently purchase the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 on Samsung’s Indian website for Rs. 22,999, which corresponds to about $375 U.S. dollars. Because this device is so very new, you can expect that most other retailers will carry a similar pricetag for the Grand 2, but expect prices to go down as the product ages.


The second place to look for a good price is the megaretailer Amazon.com, a site that is an especially good source for out of market unlocked phones. They do not disappoint, offering the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 for $277.99, which is a striking discount when compared to what you would pay when ordering directly from Samsung.


While not a discount, Flipkart is selling the Galaxy Grand 2 for Rs. 23,499. This is actually more than you would pay ordering from Samsung. Watch for coupon codes for this website in the future to get a better deal.


The price on Ebay is still quite high, coming in at clost to a whopping $450 for some auctions. We expect this price to go way down in the coming months, especially for used versions of the Galaxy Grand 2.


While there are not a lot of great deals on the market at the moment, this phone has a fairly low retail price in the first place, so it will be affordable for a lot of people who cannot afford the fancier flagship phones or who want a decent dual SIM card device. The prices will go down significantly after the Grand 2 has been on the market for a while, especially when rumors of the next new device start swirling around. Right now, your best bet is to order your Grand 2 from Amazon or Samsung itself, although you should do frequent searches for the Grand 2 on the internet if you can stand the wait, because new retailers and prices are being announced every day in the fervent competition for your business.

If you have the time and inclination, Samsung also lists a number of physical retailers on its website, as well as their contact information. It couldn’t hurt to give them a call and ask about pricing information, because who knows when you may just stumble upon a good bargain?

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