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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S4 – Building a Better Tomorrow


Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 are its two latest Android smartphone models.

Many users who bought the Galaxy S3 question whether it is worth it to upgrade to the newest model or not. Unlike iPhones, the Galaxy S series took some time between developments to change quite a bit with their device.

Power of the Dragon

The newer model of these two phones has a significant improvement over the previous in terms of its processing unit. The chip installed on the Galaxy S4 is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, clocking in at 1.9 GHz and four cores. Snapdragon has become the standard for quality Android phones due to its superiority; generally another processor with the same GHz and number of cores will still be outperformed by a Snapdragon chip. The Galaxy S3 has a Samsung Exynos 4 at 1.4 GHz and four cores – not a bad CPU for its time, but for the current day, quite lackluster. The S4’s GPU, the Adreno 320, is also better than the S3’s ARM Mali-400/MP4.

Specific Upgrades

The plain and simple fact is that the Galaxy S4 has twice the onboard random access memory, or RAM, as the Galaxy S4. Both possess the same type of RAM so the S4 is twice as powerful in this area. This translates to faster load times, less lagging during intensive applications, better multitasking, and an overall improved experience. 2 GB is the standard for current age Android smartphones.

Focusing on Users

Any mobile phone user will most likely admit that at least half of the functionality of their phone lies in social media. Having an up-to-date camera is part of this experience. The Galaxy S3 is equipped with an 8 megapixel camera and a 1.9 front facing camera, while the S4 wields a more impressive 13 megapixel camera and an only slightly improved 2 MP front facing camera. For users, this simply means clearer photos. S4 users can appreciate these photos more as well, considering it has a much better resolution (1080 x 1920 at 441 pixels per inch versus 720 x 1280 at 306 pixels per inch).

The Art of Not Getting Stranded

Finally, battery life is the most important category in terms of utility as it determines how long one can go out without having to recharge their phone. The Galaxy S3 is actually superior in this comparison; it can last for 22.5 hours of talking and an impressive 34.6 days on standby if 3G is turned off. With 3G on it lasts only two fewer days. This is over 10 days above the average. Its talk time is one hour below the average at 11.6 hours. The Galaxy S4 on the other hand only lasts 15.4 days in standby on 3G and 13.3 days on 4G (note that simply having access to 4G is an improvement over the S3). It is vastly inferior in this way; however it shines with its 17 hours of talk time.

As a final summation for Galaxy S3 users questioning whether or not to upgrade to an S4, the newer model is better in every way except for some aspects of the battery life. An emergency phone would need to last as long as the S3, but generally one is not going to be unable to charge their smartphone for more than 17 hours, let alone 13 days.