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WhatsApp Enjoys Maximum Free Downloads


It’s obvious why most smartphone users opt for downloading WhatsApp.

It offers a great, unlimited data plan for sending messages, whereas traditional SMS costs money. After all, it’s just a few more data bytes on your phone and the greatest benefit is that you can even send international messages for free or for a paltry subscription rate. For 400 million users and above, WhatsApp is the ultimate solution for messaging and enjoys maximum downloads, because it is something much more than merely a replacement for SMS.


WhatsApp offers great details and convenience. When you send a message, you can view two ticks. One tick means that the message has been sent to the server, whereas the second tick shows that it has reached the phone of the receiver. This offers a unique and quick means of showing the delivery status and doesn’t leave you wondering whether your SMS has reached or not.

Free Messaging

WhatsApp lets you send messages absolutely free, as it sends the messages by means of an internal data connection. Though you will have to pay a paltry subscription fee after using it for a year, this is very minimal compared to the benefits of the service. Another benefit is that it is a cross platform application. You can send messages to your contacts owning any other mobile, such as Nokia, Android or Blackberry and even an iPad, as long as they have the app installed in their device and are among your phone contacts.

Support for a Range of Messages

Different message types are supported by the application. You can send simple text, pictures and even audio files. All these can be sent to as many contacts as you want as well. Traditional means of sending videos and images could cost you quite a bit on your mobile, but it’s free on WhatsApp, as long as you have an Internet connection.

No Annoyance

The app does not have any annoying features, such as banner ads or promotions for games. It does not include any disturbing features that usually accompany messaging applications. There is also no unnecessary clutter and it is a clean application, which is both engaging and creative.

Best Interface

The interface is basic, simple and functional and it provides a platform that everyone is comfortable with. The interface looks good and is also easy to understand. Customization options are also available to create your own unique identity. You can select background themes, your username, add your status to tell the world your current thoughts and views and also add your profile pic.

Voice Control Feature

WhatsApp has also taken messaging to a higher level. You can even record a message and then send it to your contacts. All you need to do is to hold down the microphone icon and then send a voice message, which can be as long as you wish. When the message is delivered to the receiver, the icon on the microphone turns into blue. This is a perfect solution for sending voice messages to people, especially when you are on the go. You can keep in touch with family and friends by listening to their voices and even save money. Messages can sometimes be interpreted wrongly, but with the voice control, there is no such likelihood. You can also reduce your mobile phone bills in this way.

International Connection

You can even chat with friends all over the globe, as long as they have installed this app and are on your phone contact list. All the features of WhatsApp are available internationally and there are absolutely no geographical restrictions whatsoever.


You can jazz up the conversation with friends by using appropriate emoticons. Sometimes, words are just not enough and a single emoticon can say much more than words. There are many of these available on this app. There are smileys and emoticons for every mood and occasion.

WhatsApp is literally rocketing through the sky in the world of apps and has more than 400 million active users today. With so many features that don’t require much effort from the user, it is absolutely no wonder that the app is fast becoming the leader of instant messaging services. There are many other social apps offering free calls and messages, but they have not attained such popularity, as WhatsApp was one of the first in the territory and continues to be a leader.