WhatsApp – the leader of all social mobile apps.

Ever since the Internet and the smartphones have become a part of most of our lives, mobile texting has increased in gigantic proportions. Mobile apps are definitely more convenient and they have become the predominant way of keeping in touch. With apps like WhatsApp, texting has never been simpler, more fun and cheaper as well. WhatsApp is ad free and clutter free, it has a simple user interface and it is a free app, making it very popular.

It is available for Android as well as Nokia, Symbian, Windows Phones, the iOS and Blackberry. After the first year, users have to pay 99 cents for exchanging messages. In fact it is an app that enables the user to say a firm goodbye to SMS.

Overtaking Giants

We all are aware of the fact that Facebook is the leader in the social networking scenario, but when considering social messaging on mobile phones, WhatsApp is the clear winner and leader. Many surveys conducted across countries vouch for WhatsApp being the market leader in social mobile apps. It is way ahead of all other competitors, including the giants like Google Hangouts, Skype and BBM messenger and several others.

Crossing Milestones

Recently, it was reported that about 27 billion messages had been sent in a 24-hour period through WhatsApp, breaking the previous record of 18 billion messages on New Year’s Eve. The app now announces that it has 400 million active users on a monthly basis. This is milestone that no other messaging service has achieved so far. Apart from the number of people who have downloaded WhatsApp, what really makes it a leader is that these members are actively using the service.

What’s not to like?

This leader of messaging apps does not use any ads or marketing campaigns for promoting the app and nor does it spam the user. There are no ‘in app’ advertisements. You can send text and messages through the Internet without having to spend for your messaging. You can even create chat groups consisting of 12 participants and then add a title to the group. You could join and leave the group whenever you wish. All customization features that you can see in any messaging service are present, along with a few additional ones. You can attach images, videos and audio clippings, insert an emoticon from a wide range, change the wallpaper and even share your location in Google Maps. It also notifies you when the person on the other end has received your message.

Quick Sharing

The app offers a number of features offering a quick way for smartphone users to send text messages, pictures, videos and even voice messages to their phone contacts. Many youngsters stay up in bed halfway through the night with their phones. It is easy for them to search the YouTube for funny videos and then just share it quickly with their friends through WhatsApp.

Though there are many other messenger apps out there in the market and available for your phone, such as KiK, MessageMe, Facebook Messenger, WeChat from Tencent, Kakao Talk and LINE, WhatsApp continues to rule the roost.

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