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Apple Has Already Finalized the Design for the iPhone 6

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Although the launch of the new generation iPhone device, the Apple iPhone 6, is still several months away, this new device has already kept the rumor mills running.

One of the rumors that are circulating around the net is that Apple has already finalized the overall design of its new device which made Apple fans to feel even more excited upon the upcoming release of their favorite brand of mobile phone.

Locked Down Design

According to a research analyst from Cowen and Company, Timothy Arcuri, Apple has already locked down the design of the new Apple iPhone 6. Arcuri says that this new device will come with a bigger screen and will feature a much faster Wi-Fi connectivity, having a built-in Wi-Fi 802.11ac wireless standard technology.

Aside from having a bigger display screen and a faster Wi-Fi, the new device will also feature a metal framing, which is different from the previous iPhone devices. If you are familiar with iPhones, then you must have noticed that the devices are often made with a plastic exterior. But this time around, Apple is ditching the plastic exterior design and will instead feature a metal framing for the new Apple iPhone 6.

Release Date

Another rumor that has been spreading all over the web is the differing release dates of the new mobile device. According to Arcuri, the new Apple iPhone 6 is going to be launched either in June or September of this year. However, there are also some reports that suggest for a May release date for this new generation mobile phone from Apple.

But all these dates are mere speculations only since Apple has not confirmed any release date as of yet. Fans may have to wait for a little bit longer before they could hear from Apple about the actual release date of the new mobile device.

Key Software Innovations

Arcuri has also predicted that Apple might introduce some key software innovations on the new Apple iPhone 6.  It will also come with the updated iOS as well.

Among the features that users can enjoy on this new iPhone device are mobile payments, Touch ID, iBeacon, Passbook, and many more. He further added that the phone will still feature some technologies from the iPhone 5S, and among these is the fingerprint scanner.

The new device will also come with a 64 bit processor, a feature that was set up exclusively for this new generation smartphone. He also added that these technologies will be debuted on the Apple iPhone 6 which is expected to be out soon in the market.

Aside from the release of the iPhone 6, Arcuri has also hinted that Apple might be releasing a new generation of iPad tablet for this year as well. He said that this new model of iPad will come with a 13 inch screen and will be pretty much come with features that are found on both a tablet and a PC. So