The Elder Scrolls Online is the upcoming game in the Elder Scrolls series which is expected to become a massively popular multiplayer game.

It is a virtual based role playing videogame that was developed by the ZeniMax Online Studios and is set to be released anytime this 2014.

The game is included in the Elder Scrolls series but this will be the first ever open ended multiplayer game installment of the series. This announcement was made by Bethesda, the producer of the game, last May 3rd of 2012. The Elder Scrolls Online was exclusively revealed by the Game Informer magazine and was formally announced in the same magazine on that same month.


Just like with other games on the Elder Scrolls series, the Elder Scrolls Online game will be set on the region of Tamriel and will showcase a plot incidentally linked to the storyline of the previous Elder Scrolls installments. It has been said that the game will be established at a millennium right before those events which took place on the Elder Scrolls V, the Skyrim Edition, which is around 8 centuries before the Elder Scrolls III, the Morrowind edition, as well as the Elder Scrolls IV, the Oblivion. On the Elder Scrolls Online, Daedric Prince will be the main adversary while he tries to conquer Tamriel towards his dominion of Coldharbour.

Release Date

The release date of the Elder Scrolls Online is not clear yet. This action role playing video game that was developed by Bethesda Game Company is said to be still in the Beta stage. For the past 18 years, the company has already released a total of 18 game installments and this includes expansions. The company is also set to release their first ever open ended multiplayer game anytime soon.

A lot of video gamers online have also been talking about the possibility of coming up with another version of the game right after the Elder Scrolls Online version is launched. But then again, all these are mere speculations only and none of these have been confirmed by Bethesda themselves.


Those who want to have a sneak peek on how the Elder Scrolls Online will look like can simply go online and search for the screenshots of the game. There have been lots of images, photos and videos all over the net that claim to be a trailer for the game. Yet, none of these were confirmed by Bethesda. But if all those images are indeed previews of the upcoming Elder Scrolls installment, then indeed, this game will be another hit.

If you have been a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls series, then you must be following the news and updates regarding the Elder Scrolls Online. If you can remember, Bethesda delayed the PC as well as the MAC versions of the Elder Scrolls online game and instead of their initial target release date, they have decided to postpone it to 2014 and this same thing could happen again.

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