People may have not heard a lot of about the Mass Effect 4 for a while now, ever since it was first announced in the market.

But then the company who is behind the game, Bioware, has this to say – the game is ambitious and beautiful. This was the exact message that the General Manager of the company has posted on Twitter.

According to him, the game is ambitious, beautiful and fresh, but not recognizable. He further added that he has tried his hands on the game and it was absolutely enjoyable. This message has added to the excitement of those who are eagerly anticipating the release of the game.

Teaser Posts

Bioware has recently announced that they are very much pleased with the current development of the upcoming Mass Effect game, known as the Mass Effect 4. The Bioware team has also been boasting about how well the new game will be like along with some teaser posts on Twitter in the recent days.

Indeed, fans have become so excited and even caused mass hysteria to those who are dying to play this new game on their console. The company’s executive producer, Casey Hudson, has been tweeting a lot recently, along with their producer, giving fans a little bit of insight on the current development of the game.

New Fictional World

Hudson added that they are having so much fun in working on the overall design of this new fictional world. He added that they are now taking their first steps on it and are currently looking around. They have also announced that the Mass Effect 4 would be taking place in a new fictional world. It will be a totally fresh and new universe.

With this announcement, fans have gotten very much intrigued which adds up to the excitement. A lot are excited to know when and where this upcoming installment will be taking place.

Another tweet of Hudson has fueled to the excitement of fans, when he said that the development team of the Mass Effect 4 has been doing outstanding work because the game is looking fun, beautiful and ambitious, which is exactly what they want for the game.

Development Period

With all these teasers that the Bioware is spreading, it seems clear that the game is already on its development period. It is only six months ever since Hudson has confirmed that the game is currently in production, but the Bioware development team is already feeling so excited about it.

So far, only a few details were released regarding the Mass Effect 4, but it is clear from the teasers and sneak peeks that this game will be as great, or maybe even better, as the previous Mass Effect games. The only thing that the developers can confirm is that you will not be playing as Commander Shepard on this game, although he might be making an appearance on some parts of the game. According to some reports, you could be playing as one of the characters that were featured on the original trilogy.

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