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Minecraft PS3 Edition: The Top Selling PS3 Download


Although the Minecraft PS3 edition was just made available for purchase on the second half of December 2013, 4J Studios has confirmed that the game has been a huge success.

In fact, they consider it as one of their top selling games for last year. When the game was made available for all PS3 gamers to download, a lot have shown interest on the game and as a matter of fact, the sales statistics that were released on the official PlayStation blog has revealed that the Minecraft PS3 landed on the top spot when it comes to the list of the top selling games in 2013. So what makes this game so much successful?

All about Minecraft

If you own a PS3, yet you are having doubts about downloading the Minecraft PS3 version, then you might as well get yourself acquainted with the game first. Minecraft is very much popular and you certainly must have heard about this game before. The game would require that you craft your own world with the use of some resources, such as wood, stones, etc.

It is a kind of sandbox indie game that was originally created by Markus Persson. Later on, the 4J Studios Company came up with a platform for gaming consoles, such as the Minecraft PS3 edition. It was during the Gamescon 2013 that Sony revealed the arrival of the game and on December 17, 2013, the Minecraft PS3 edition was launched.

Issues and Glitches

When the Minecraft PS3 version was first released, 4J Studios has found out various glitches and minor issues on the gaming format, causing PS3 players to experience corrupted game saves. However, the 4J Studios, the developer of the game, immediately addressed all these concerns. They announced that they are currently doing various tests in order to fix the bug. And indeed, all these issues and glitches were properly addressed, making it to become one of the most downloaded PS3 games of all time.

At this time, the Minecraft PS3 edition is available as a digital download from the PlayStation Network. Its festive skin pack release is also considered as one of the most downloaded add-ons for PS3 for the previous month.


The arrival of the Minecraft PS3 edition is something that a lot of PS3 gamers have expected. A lot have anticipated its arrival all because the game has gained a lot of positive responses and great reviews online.

The game is truly addicting, so if you are tired of your usual games, you better consider downloading the Minecraft PS3. It is also filled with so much adventure and it really unleashes the creative side in you. You will enjoy crafting tools and building your own world in this game and the exciting part is when you get to face those dreaded monsters.

With all these great features of the Minecraft PS3, it’s no wonder why this game is hailed as one of the top selling PS3 downloads in 2013 and you should have this game downloaded on your console now.