The Lumia 920 from Nokia is exclusive to AT&T, but with every major retailer offering phones and plans with most wireless carriers you have quite a few options when deciding where to buy that new smart phone.

Whether you are out of contract and willing to re-sign or making the jump to AT&T from another wireless carrier you going to find the best deals up front, but you will be locked into a new 2-year agreement. There are a few options without a new contract and if you do a little searching you can save there too.

Carrier Direct

With so many options in retailers it may be convenient to take care of your wireless need while doing other electronic shopping at a major retailer. However you may find a little more flexibility in your options by going to an AT&T Store or to the AT&T website. AT&T is offering the phone for free with a new 2-Year Agreement, this is pretty much the same story with all the retailers of the phone but AT&T has a few more options. AT&T offer two different “Next” plans, the “Next 12” and “Next 18”. This option lets you purchase the phone with $0 down and 20 payments of $15.00 or 36 payments of $11.54(depending on which plan) at 0% on approved credit. Both options work out to $300 and this option saves you $15.00 on your monthly bill. Plus you aren’t locked into a contract, but if you cancel you will have to pay the remainder owed on the phone. Depending on the “Next” plan you choose you can upgrade after 12 or 18 months and trade in the phone you are making payments on towards your upgrade. The third option from AT&T is buying it directly for $299.99. This option also gets you a $15.00 per month discount and you don’t have a contract or payments to worry about.

Major Retailers and Online Stores

The two most popular retailers to have great deals on phones are Best Buy and Walmart. Walmart is offering the phone for $0.01 with a new 2-Year Agreement. One perk to Walmart is they charge sales tax based on the sale price not on the original price of the phone, this should save around $25 depending on tax in your area. Best Buy offers the phone for an activated price of $99.99 with new or extended contract, but they are offering an additional sale price making the phone free. Best Buy also offers the phone without contract, but at a whopping $599.99. If you visit Nokia’s website and view offers you will find it from Amazon for $0.01 or AT&T for free, both with new 2-Year Agreements. You will also find an offer from the Microsoft Store with no contract for $299.00.

Depending on your feelings about contracts, how much you want to pay upfront and credit worthiness you have a few options. If you like the “Next” Plan, go straight to AT&T. If you are satisfied with the traditional 2-Year Agreement the price is pretty consistent from all retailers, but you will save on tax from Walmart. There is always the buying without contract option, in which case going to AT&T would be your best bet because of the $15 per month plan savings.

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