Is newer really better?

It is difficult to compete with a particular year’s top-selling Android phone. When an upgraded version of a phone is released, consumer’s have high expectations for the new, highly anticipated product. However, with the amount of similarities between the S3 and the S4, and the amount it costs for people to upgrade, it might not be worth it at the current general market price.

Physical Differences

For most consumers, the difference between the S4 and the S3 is not too much difference. When comparing the phones side by side and lit up, it is possible to see the difference on the screens. The S4 screen resolution can support full HD. Even the camera and video can, as well. The icons on the home screen are visibly sharper and more colorful compared to the S3. On the screen of the S3, it is a bit dimmer, less sharp, and the icons look older. Physically however, both of the phones look the same. The S4 has a wider screen display of .02 inches, but it’s not a significant difference overall. Both phones have a removable back part which exposes the battery and other parts. And both have Gorilla Glass which is extremely durable glass for the touchscreen devices.


Specs and S4 Features

The specs of the S4 are obviously better than the S3. The S3 features a quad-core processor while the S4 has the smartphone’s first quad core. The ram is 1GB while the S4 is 2 GB. There are added on features that the S3 does not support, such as the eye control and the air gesture. Both take a bit of time to get used to for some consumers of the S4, but the features are indeed functional and do what they promise to do. On the S4, the user can use both front and rear facing cameras simultaneously while taking a video and a picture. It has a feature that can turn the smartphone into a remote TV device that can control the channels, volume, source, and options. With Samsung Smart Scroll, it is also possible to read articles without even using the touchscreen. The camera can track your eyes and tell when it’s time to scroll the screen down to view more content. It’s possible to answer phone calls with a simple wave to the screen, as well.

While the new features of the S4 seem promising, the differences are too dramatic. It might not be worth the money to upgrade immediately, since the S3 is already one of the most popular Android phones in the market. Perhaps since technology is already improving within shorts amount of time, newer versions of the Galaxy will be released with even more advanced features that might actually be worth the expensive upgrade that most people aren’t willing to do. Generally, it costs $300.00 with a new 2 year contract to upgrade to the new S4. And with the limited amount of features and upgrades to the software and hardware, for many it won’t be worth it.

Technology Samsung Galaxy S4 vs S3 – Specs, Price and Features Review 2014