The Minecraft PS4 edition is the PlayStation 4 version of the Minecraft game. As you know, Minecraft is dubbed as one of the most popular video games ever created.

Although the PS4 version has not been released yet, a lot of PS4 gamers have been anticipating its official release date which would take place anytime in the year 2014. If you are among those PS4 gamers who have been waiting for the Minecraft PS4 edition, it is best to find out what you can expect on this upcoming game.

Similar Gameplay

4J Studios, which is the developer of the console versions of Minecraft, has no intention of changing the gameplay of the game, so players can pretty much enjoy the same gameplay on the Minecraft PS4 edition. Payers will still be given a freedom to choose how they are going to play the game, whether it’s the survival mode or creative mode that they want. Just like with the previous versions, the game starts with the player gathering resources in order to craft tools and build houses and other objects.

Survival Mode

On the survival mode of the Minecraft PS4 edition, players will need to gather as much resources as they can in order to craft items. Depending on the difficulty they have chosen, they will soon deal with monsters that are out to destroy the world they have built. And in order to survive, they must be able to protect themselves against the attacks of these monsters, which make the game truly exciting.

Creative Mode

Players who will choose the creative mode of the Minecraft PS4 edition will be given enough resources and it will be up to them on how to use these resources in building their own Minecraft world. This mode is basically all about creativity. There is no pressure in this kind of game so you won’t be pressed with time and that there will be no monster attacks that you will need to deal with.


The great thing about the Minecraft PS4 edition is that it comes with the multiplayer feature, similar to the previous console versions of the game. The multiplayer version is available through player hosted servers that allow multiple players to interact and communicate with each other within the world of Minecraft. The servers are often guided by service operators and that operators will have access to the server commands like setting the time of the day in the Minecraft world as well as teleporting players.

As you can see, the Minecraft PS4 edition is very much similar to the Minecraft PC version, except for some minor differences. After all, why fix something that isn’t broken? The developers are anticipating outrage if they make major changes to the gameplay, but they’re listening to feedback and implementing the necessary changes that won’t affect the things that make Minecraft one of the best.

But still, players will enjoy a much bigger world on the PS4 edition and they’ll get to make use of various features that help to make the game to become even more exciting. And with this amazing gameplay, it’s no longer a surprise why a lot of PS4 gamers are very much excited on the upcoming release of the Minecraft PS4 edition.

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