Minecraft fanatics are eager to hear about the Minecraft Xbox 360 updates.

Minecraft fans are anticipating the upcoming Title Update 14 of their favorite Minecraft Xbox 360 game. After 4J Studios released the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates on Twitter saying that they are already almost done fixing the bugs and glitches discovered on the Minecraft PlayStation 3, they are now keen on focusing on the development of the TU14.

The company is very much aware that their eager fans have been waiting to hear about these Minecraft Xbox 360 updates since last year so they are doing their best to develop these patches as soon as possible until eventually, fans will be in for an even exciting Minecraft game on their Xbox 360 console.

Almost Complete

Rumors are spreading that the 4J Studios confirmed that the Title Update 14 is almost complete as of this writing. They are now said to be in the process of working with the Xbox Live certification team who is set to approve these game patches.

Once this is approved, that’s when Minecraft gamers can enjoy the latest edition of their game. But it should be noted that these are mere rumors and according to the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, the development team has just recently finished wrapping up the PlayStation 3 bug fixes and they have yet to work on the Title Update 14. There might be some delays on the release of the TU14, but fans are very much excited for this and have been eagerly waiting for the game trailer to be released.

PlayStation 3 Bug Fixes

As mentioned previously, one of the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates that the 4J Studios released was their confirmation that they are now in the process of wrapping up the bug fixes they made for another gaming console, the PlayStation 3. As you know, when the Minecraft PlayStation 3 was launched, it has been plagued with so many issues and a lot of this has an impact on the player’s ability to maneuver through the game.

But then, 4J Studios stepped in immediately and assured everyone to fix these bugs which are the reasons for the delay of the Title Update 14 release. But according to some reports, all the problematic bugs that PlayStation 3 gamers have experienced have been finally fixed. This is great news to those who have been anticipating the Title Update 14 as well since finally, the company can focus on the development of the new edition of the Minecraft Xbox 360.

Minecraft Title Update 14

So what exactly is the Title Update 14? For those who are not aware, this edition of the Minecraft game will make use of the 1.3.1 version. This is the same one that the Minecraft PC version used. It is Java based and comes with several features, such as the Desert Temple and Jungle Temple, with villager trading and the Emerald Ore.

According to further Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, Minecraft Xbox 360 gamers can also expect a Large Biome world type on this game and the mountainous sub biomes will have to undergo some modifications in order to make the rock formations to appear even taller.

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