The Nokia Lumia 920 is an excellent Windows 8 phone that comes with many features for users to toy with and try.

It is available in an array of colors such as black, cyan, red, yellow, and white. The 920 comes with a whopping 32 gigabytes of immediate space and 7 GB of free cloud storage. It is sold in many retailers like AT&T, Amazon, Microsoft, and Walmart. The 920 is encouraged by stores for people to activate a 2 year contract with these smartphones, as they are generally priced highly at $299.99.

Physical features of the 920

The camera on the 920 is great even during night time use. It is capable of capturing movement shots without much blur even in low lighting. The back of the phone is curved to contour your hand easily, as opposed to its predecessor which had a flat back and front. While the phone is quite heavy and large, it fits snug while holding it in your hand. The touch screen on the 920 is very sensitive; it has the option to turn on the sensitive touch screen option for those with long fingernails or people wearing gloves. The processor is able to make apps and the UI of the smartphone very fluid, fast and responsive. The display is 4.5” and features PureMotion HD+- it makes the screen look vivid and alive. There are a few buttons on the sides of the phone which control the camera, volume, and the lock or power key. It’s simple to spot out and feel while using the phone.

Internal Features

This smartphone utilized Corning Gorilla Glass 2, so the glass on the touch screen is difficult to crack. It has two microphones; one primary one for calls, and the second for noise cancellation. It is even possible to charge this phone wirelessly, provided the users buy the accessory to charge it which costs extra. The brightness on the phone is great and is very visible when going outside, as well. The camera is 8 megapixel with an LED flash, and records video in full HD at 1080 p at 30 fps. The phone includes a voice guided map as well, that will speak directions to you much like a GPS. It comes with a microUSB port, and Xbox live integration. For those who love to game with Xbox, it is possible to download Xbox Glass through the smartphone to connect both devices. This phone has a maximum standby time of 320 hours. While talking with a 3G network, it can last 9. For those that use their phones like their mp3 players or iPods, the phone can playback music for 52 hours without charging. For the price of $300, or free with a 2-year plan, this phone comes with good specs and features.

For people who prefer a smaller, lighter phone, this phone may not be for you. Despite the bulkiness, it is excellent for watching movies or shows on with the display. It has plenty of features and can run plenty of apps without difficulty due to its processor and 1 GB of RAM.

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