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Adobe Flash Player 12 Free Download Overview


More and more often, applications that involve video or audio streaming are requiring a piece of software known as Adobe Flash Player.

This flash player can run from just about any web browser as a stand-alone plug-in or it can run on most mobile devices.

Flash Player, as a general rule, supports vector graphics, 3D graphics, and the streaming of various video and audio files.  Because of its widely needed services, Adobe Flash Player has a wide user base. It has become an extremely common format for many games, videos and animations.

Luckily for users, Adobe Flash Player can be found as a free download from many places on the web.  Recently, the software was updated to version 12, which contains the latest debugging and fixes required to run the player seamlessly on Google Chrome.

Described by Adobe as a “lightweight, highly expressive client runtime that delivers powerful and consistent user experiences across major operating systems, browsers, mobile phones, and devices”, Adobe Flash Player 12 is as easy to install as it is to use.

As a general rule, when looking for a free download of Adobe’s flash player, be sure to source the download from reputable websites to avoid picking up additional unwanted files such as adware, viruses, and malware. Downloading from an unreliable or unauthorized source can result in unwanted software being downloaded on to your computer.

Safe downloads of Adobe Flash Player 12 can be found on websites like CNET, or even on the Adobe website. Once you have located a reliable way to download the flash player, click the file to begin the free download and install the installation wizard.

Once the installation wizard has been installed, the rest of the installation should be fairly simple. Following the prompts, choose the correct options that apply to your computer and proceed through the wizard until the actual download of the flash player.

After several minutes, the download should complete. It is highly likely that you will have to restart your computer for the download to begin operating.  Restart the computer and then try running a flash based video or audio file. If the file does not play, some troubleshooting may be required.

Locate the recently downloaded flash player file in your recently downloaded programs folder. Try opening the file and running it manually. It is possible that it needs to be activated manually. This should allow the program to sync with all flash driven files.

Those who are in need of flash support for their Apple device will need to look beyond Adobe Flash Player 12. Apple does now, and has in the past, refused to allow Adobe Flash Player to run on their mobile operating systems.  This has made for a lot of frustration for Apple users; however, Adobe is still pushing for the rights to run their software on Apple products, so perhaps a middle ground will be reached in the near future.

On December 20th of 2013, the developers at Adobe upgraded their free download. This upgrade solved some very large security issues that were cited by Adobe earlier in the year. These upgrades included a better debugger that fixed ‘critical vulnerabilities’ cited in their Security Bulletin.

In all, Adobe Flash Player 12 is a very reliable free download that works exceptionally well for playing browser-based video and audio files, and runs seamlessly on most browsers and mobile devices. If you are looking for a reliable source to download Adobe Flash Player 12, check out Adobe’s website.