Apple is said to have already locked down the design of the new Apple iPhone 6 and that this new device will feature a much bigger screen and a faster Wi-Fi connectivity.

Some Apple insiders also revealed that this new mobile device will come with highly innovative features aside from the 802.11ac Wi-Fi Connectivity.

Bigger Screen Size

Arcuri, an analyst from Cowen and Company, has predicted that this new mobile device from Apple will have a much bigger screen size than the previous models. Several rumors have also spread on the web that it will just be under 5 inches, but not larger than that. The reason behind is because of Apple’s unwavering principle of coming up with a device that is “one hand use”. So aside from enjoying a faster Wi-Fi connectivity on your new Apple iPhone 6, you also get to enjoy a much bigger screen, allowing you to conveniently surf the net even when you are on the go.

Key Software Innovations

Aside from a few modifications on the design and hardware, Apple is said to be planning to come up with some key software innovations for the new Apple iPhone 6. As a matter of fact, the new device is said to feature the new iOS platform and that Apple will use some of its highly innovative technologies, like the iBeacon, which is an indoor positioning system that makes use of the latest Bluetooth edition in relaying signals coming from a base station sensor towards a mobile device that is within its vicinity. This move is part of the “push services” of Apple which come with mobile payments.

To Be Released in May

Another rumor that is going around aside from the upgraded Wi-Fi connectivity of Apple iPhone 6 is that this device is set to be released in May. Latest reports have suggested that the new device will soon be out in the market by May at the latest.

Big and Thin?

Several analysts have long been predicted that this new device from Apple will have a larger screen, although a South Korean website has revealed that the new handset will be very slim. So if these rumors and speculations are true, Apple consumers can expect a slimmer phone with a larger screen this coming May. Furthermore, some sources have also revealed that this new device might be aptly called the iPhone Air, in reference to the iPad Air, which is the slimmest tablet Apple has ever created.

Although Apple has not confirmed if the May release date of the Apple iPhone 6 is indeed true, several tech news websites have acknowledged that Apple is scheduled to release a new device in May, seven months after they have released the iPhone 5S. Several Apple insiders have also confirmed that a new device is on its way, yet, they never mentioned an actual release date and did not confirm if May is the release date of the new Apple iPhone 6. Whether the device will be released in May or not, only one thing is certain – Apple users are eagerly anticipating for the device.

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