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Apple iWatch Smartwatch Release Date In 2014?

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Rumors of about the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch to be released soon have been spreading all over the net these days.

The so-called watch has failed to materialize in 2013, as what Apple initially planned. But according to some insider reports, the company is said to be launching this high tech watch anytime this year.

Those who have no idea what an Apple SmartWatch/iWatch is, this is actually a type of watch that is run by iOS, the infamous Apple Operating System. With this, the watch is compatible with your iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. But now the question that a lot of Apple fanatics have is this – when will Apple release this watch?

Apple’s Future

If you are an avid follower of Apple, then you might have remembered in 2008 when Steve Wozniak has mentioned to the Telegraph that Apple’s future could lie on the iWatch. Indeed in 2013, an Apple representative has hinted that the company might soon be releasing the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch.

Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, has revealed to the public in May of last year that “the wrist is an interesting thing”, which further confirmed that Apple is currently working on an iOS operated watch and might be out in the market anytime soon.

Release Date

Now on to the most interesting topic – when exactly will the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch be released in the market? If rumors are true, then Apple fans will soon be wearing their first ever watch from Apple early this year. Last year, there were talks that the watch might be out in the market in the later part of 2013.

But as you know, we never heard of Apple releasing the iWatch in the market last year. Now that we are in 2014, a lot of consumers are hopeful that they might really push through with the release of the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch this year. As to which month would that be? That remains a question.

Nike Connection

The world is now hyped with electronic devices like smartphones, laptops and desktop computers. Now, the latest are smart watches. The release of Pebble Kickstarter in the market has fueled Apple’s interest to come up with their own smart watch, called the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch. But even before all these smart watches were released, it is Nike’s Fuelband that actually first hit the mainstream. And according to some business analysts, Apple’s decision to push through with the release of the iWatch could be due to its close relation with Nike.

The company’s CEO, Tim Cook, has been pictured wearing the Fuelband all day while conducting his board meeting. Meanwhile, Apple is said to have hired Bed Shaffer who used to work as innovation leader for Nike.

Aside from hiring some ex Nike men, Apple is also said to have hired a team of sleep analysis experts to help them in the development of the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch. These experts hold several patents for integrating some fitness equipment to mobile devices. If these rumors are true, then Apple might probably come up with a watch that is both health and sports focused.