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Candy Crush Saga Free Download Overview


Candy Crush Saga – A popular, sweet strategy game available for free download.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year or so, it is highly likely that you have at least heard something about the popular game called ‘Candy Crush Saga’. But what is this game that everyone is talking about?

Candy Crush Saga is a game that comes as a free download, several different ways. Originally, the game started as a Facebook-based app that allowed users to play straight from their Facebook profile. Since then, it has evolved into free apps for both Android and iOS, as well as an entire brand with purchasable swag such as candy, clothing, and toys.

The object of this popular game is to line up various pieces of candy into a given pattern. What makes it challenging is the limited moves that they player has to rearrange his or her candy. Reaching the goal in a limited amount of moves will result in moving on to the next level of the game. As levels progress, they get increasingly more difficult and fast-paced. Want to beat the game? There is nearly 300 levels that have to be surpassed before the game can be beaten. Sound like quite the challenge, doesn’t it?

Luckily for players, there are special candies that can be created by various game play combinations that will assist in taking down all of those levels! These candies are special because, when activated in the game, they perform special actions. These actions include a wrapped candy that acts as a bomb to clear the game board, a striped candy which clears an entire row or column, or even a color bomb that clears all candies of a certain color off of the game board.

Candy Crush Saga also touts quite a few unique characters that will help you through the game. These characters include:

  • Tiffi (which is apparently a shortened version of ‘Toffette’) is the little blonde girl who appears at the beginning of the game. The walks the player through all of the tutorial levels and appears again later in the game.
  • Mr.Toffee is also present during the first levels of Candy Crush Saga and he walks the player through all of the target score levels. He also explains what power-ups are and how to use them.
  • The Easter Bunny also makes an appearance in the game as the host of the ‘Candy Order’ levels.

Incredibly enough, this free download has become a bit of an internet sensation. It had over ten million downloads in December of 2012 alone. It has also raced to the top of the popularity charts on Facebook, securing the position as the most popular app with a whopping 56 million likes on the app page.

Although the Candy Crush Saga app is a free download, it is estimated that the app, with its 6.7 million active users, earns about $633,000 each day from in-app purchases.  In total, the app has been installed over 500 million time, across all platforms. That’s a lot of candy!

Amid the popularity of the game, there has also been the subject of some controversy regarding a recent attempt by the app’s developer, ‘King’, to trademark the words ‘Candy’ and ‘Saga’. There has been quite a few arguments against the decision, citing that Candy is too common a word to be trademarked.

Even so, Candy Crush Saga’s popularity lives on and continues to be a huge money-maker for its developer, and a huge enjoyment for those who love the game.