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Gmail Free Download Overview


Gmail – Beautiful, seamless email for your mobile device in an easy free download.

Gmail, the brain-child of search engine giant Google, is an email client with a lot to offer. While it has been traditionally accessed, over the years, as a browser-based mail option, Gmail is now available as a free download in the app store for iOS and is preloaded on Android devices.

As email goes, Gmail is one of the most highly regarded and functional email providers today. Why? With tons of features and integrated services to offer, users find that Gmail meets their everyday needs, whether they are business or personal. Thousands of man-hours have gone into the development of Gmail and the dedication that Google has put forward is evident in its streamlined user interface.

One of the most highly regarded features of Gmail is its integration with Google Docs and Google Drive. From your Gmail account, you can access both of these and receive authorization to view documents, all in one easy step. Forget having to login to multiple sites, because Google has synced everything for you.

Gmail has also recently implemented a brand new mail sorting system. Easy to use tabs keep regular email separated from social media alerts and promotional junk-mail. This feature makes viewing and sorting email much quicker and more productive. All of those annoying Facebook emails go straight into the ‘Social’ tab and away from your important emails.

With the advent of the smartphone, Gmail has made its way into the app world as a free download. It functions much the same as browser-based Gmail with regard to tabs and sorting, however, users will receive phone alerts when new mail comes in.

The great thing about having Gmail as an app on your phone, is that Google has managed to sync everything so that your Google documents and Google drive will be accessible through the Gmail app. What could be more convenient? Documents that you have permission to view can be accessed from your home computer or through your smartphone in one easy step, right inside the Gmail app.

The Gmail app also supports the standard Gmail chat system that we are used to seeing in the regular, browser-based version. Users can chat in real time with their contacts and easily take their conversation with them on the go, using the app. This is great for business contacts who want to stay in touch on-the-go.

All of these services, including Gmail, are linked to a Google + profile. There have been a few complaints from those who are not fond of the social media site; however, the upside to having these services linked is that your profile photo transfers over to your emails, making your emails easily recognizable to recipients.

Overall, it is easy to see that Gmail is the most-used email provider for a reason. It is easy to use, straightforward, and lets you take all of your services with you on your smartphone, wherever you go. Having access to Google Drive and Google Docs is a definite plus, and being able to sort through your mail quickly and efficiently using the tabs feature is sure to make life easier. If you have an Android phone, Gmail is already preloaded on your device. If you do not, and you would like to download Gmail, visit the app store to take advantage of this free download. If you would like to open a Gmail account, visit the official site here.