Everything about the Minecraft Xbox 360 updates.

For the past few years, console gamers have witnessed the launch of new generation gaming consoles from Microsoft and Sony. Along with the launch of Xbox 360 and the latest PlayStation console is the launch of the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. Just like with its PC version counterpart, the game has gained so much popularity. The developer behind the game is 4J Studios and due to the overwhelming success of this latest edition of Minecraft, 4J Studios has decided to enhance the game platform by bringing in lots of Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, enhancements, upgrades, bug fixes and many more. Players will certainly be able to enjoy a different level of entertainment, thanks to these updates.

Highest Selling Title for 2013

One of the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates that the Microsoft Studios has released recently is that the physical disc edition of the Minecraft Xbox 360 game has been hailed as among the highest selling titles for the year 2013. This information was gathered by Microsoft Studios from the report obtained by the NPD group. Also earning the top spot is the PC version of Minecraft, where, according to Minecraft itself, they have sold more than 13 million original copies for the past year which is a very impressive number.

Fixing Bug Issues

One of the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates that the company released recently is that the developer, which is 4J Studios, has been working hard to fix the bug issues found on both the Xbox 360 version and the PlayStation 3 version.  When the console editions were first released in the market, a lot of users have complained about some minor glitches. Right now, the development team is working on fixing the issues before they will start working on the new edition of Minecraft. As soon as they are done fixing all the glitches, they promise all customers that they will soon release the latest version for Minecraft Xbox 360 which is rumored to include some new characters from the Marvel Avengers comics.

Marvel Avengers

As mentioned previously, among the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates that 4J Studios has released in the market is the company’s decision to team up with the Avengers. Indeed, this update has been confirmed and it is no longer a rumor that they will soon be partnering with the famous comic brand to come up with a new edition of the Minecraft game.

But the only thing that makes Minecraft fans to feel sad is the fact that the company has not released any information on the actual release date of the game. Until now, they are left wondering when they could expect to play this new action packed game of Minecraft.

The Minecraft Xbox 360 edition is no doubt one of the best selling Xbox 360 games of all time. It is even predicted that the game will enjoy a huge success for next year, once they finally launch their Title Update 14 for the game that is said to introduce an Adventure mode for the console version.

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