Oh, LG. Just when you think they are going to put out a beautiful, elegant smartphone that meets all of your needs, they fall short.

Sure, the Nexus 4 is a great phone that has a peppy quad-core processor and a great operating system. But, LG had a total lapse of judgment when they failed to implement 4G LTE. Instead, it runs on sub-par service and it shows. Badly. While most carriers offer 4G LTE coverage, LG’s failure to include this feature on the Nexus 4 will ultimately slow down the phone’s performance and ability to download data at an acceptable rate, despite its quad-core processor.

Price: $549.99


Product Type: Smartphone

Width: 2.7 in

Depth: 0.35 in

Height: 5.27 in

Weight: 4.9 oz

Service Provider: T-Mobile

Processor Type: QUALCOMM Snapdragon S4 Pro

Display Diagonal Size: 4.7 in

The Good:

The Nexus 4 design is beautiful, sleek and polished. It is evident that a lot of thought and planning went into its aesthetics. It runs on a super-fast Snapdragon quad-core processor that makes every action seamless and smooth. Also, Android 4.2 Jellybean offers a gorgeous UI experience that makes the phone easy to use and straight forward. The gorgeous display on the Nexus 4 leaves nothing to be desired with its substantial size, and beautiful vibrant colors. Aside from the missing 4G, there is nothing to be heavily criticized about the Nexus 4. It is everything a phone of its caliber should be. Overall, these things make the Nexus 4 a very competitive phone when its price point is taken into consideration.

The Bad:

As stated at the beginning of this review, there is one massive flaw to the Nexus 4 that is likely a deal-breaker for most people who are looking to buy a phone. It doesn’t support 4G LTE. I don’t know who made the executive decision to leave out this very important feature, but they probably got fired later. No matter how many great features a phone has, there is no way it can possibly compete with all of its 4G LTE enabled competitors. If for some reason you are still stuck in the Stone Age and your carrier does not offer 4G LTE coverage, then the Nexus 4 may be what you have been looking for. Outside of this one major flaw, it is a great phone.

The Bottom Line:

As you probably already know, unless your carrier doesn’t support 4G LTE, you are going to be fairly disappointed with your purchase if you opt for the Nexus 4. While the phone itself is a gorgeous work of art that functions seamlessly, there is really no getting around the lack of 4G support. It is a real shame that the 4G isn’t available for the Nexus 4, since it is an amazing phone otherwise. Somehow, it feels like such a waste of awesomeness. Hopefully, LG will decide to make a comparable phone in the near future that offers 4G LTE. If so, they will definitely have my purchase.

Technology Nexus 4 Price and Specs – Elegant But Flawed