A phone is only as good as its hardware. The newer the phone, the better the hardware.

This begs the question: how good is the hardware of a phone released in December 2013? The Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 was announced in November 2013 and was released a month later. Having just entered 2014, how does this new phone stand up to the industry standards?

Hardware and the Galaxy S Duos 2

The backbone of the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 is the 1.2 GHz Cortex A9 Dual core processor with a Broadcom VideoCore IV HW GPU. The benchmark performance scores include a Quadrant Standard of 3255, AnTuTu of 11945, Vellamo of HTML5 1501 and Metal 398, Nenamark 2 score of 55.4fps, and 2 points of multitouch. Considering the hardware, these benchmark scores are impressive. The hardware is capable of playing high end games, but there is a catch: limited storage space. Of the 4GB internal storage space, approximately 2GB is available for user storage. The 64GB microSD storage does nothing to help this cause, as apps are not able to be installed on external storage. Due to the rear camera’s ability to record 720p videos at 30fps, the phone is optimized to view 720p videos, but is not able to do more than show blank screens for 1080p videos. The front camera output is poor due to its 0.3MP capabilities and LED flash. The Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 has the same battery as its predecessor: a 1500 mAh Lithium Ion battery that lasts longer than average phone batteries unless under the strain of continuous heavy usage.

Holding Up to the Industry Standards

The Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 barely holds up to industry standards for a mid-range smartphone, but its low cost is great for its target audience: consumers who are new to smartphones. There are more expensive phones with better capabilities, which is only natural in the tech world. That said, the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 is a fairly powerful handset for its affordable price, averaging at $270USD. It is a strong contender in the dual core category of smartphones and holds its own against other highly similar phones from Samsung and other companies.

A phone is only as good as its hardware, and the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 has good hardware for its price range. The Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 is a steadily medium level phone that holds up to industry standards and provides smartphone newbies a solid Android experience.

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