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Skype – Chat, Call, and Video Conference, All With One Free Download


Skype has been renowned worldwide, for quite some time, as the go-to app for communication.

Because it is a free download, it has catapulted to success and is used by both businesses and individuals the world over. But, what does it do? In short, just about everything.

Skype is an app that is free for download on desktops, as well as mobile devices. The application allows users to text-based chat, call, and video conference with other users. Installation for this free download is made quick and easy by just following the installation wizard prompts on your computer, or downloading the app on your mobile phone.

The text-chat feature functions much like a private chat room. Users who are online can chat with each other in real-time in their own private chat box. Users who wish to leave a message for an offline user can simply send a message via the private chat box to be retrieved when the recipient comes online.

Voice chat works much like a regular phone call. Users can call other online users by activating the call function. The voice call proceeds exactly like a telephone call. Users can purchase a Skype subscription which will allow them to call landlines and mobile phones that are not a part of the Skype network. These plans start around $3 monthly. Users can also opt to pay for the ability to send SMS text messages to mobile phones around the world. This service begins at just pennies per message sent.

Video conferencing works much like the voice call feature; however, the users face is broadcast via webcam, allowing person-to person interaction via the Skype app.

Skype also allows its users to send files to their contacts. These files are sent directly through the chat box and can be allowed or denied by the recipient. In addition to being able to send files, users can also visually share their computer screens in real-time. This feature is great for tutorials, or showing the recipient a website or file that they cannot otherwise access.

Users are able to personalize their experience by creating a personal profile, complete with photo. This photo shows up in the text chat box during conversations and on the call screen during calls. Users can also set a status to let others know if they are going to be away or in a meeting.  Skype also shows the time zone of each contact so that users will know when an acceptable time to contact their international friends would be.

Overall, Skype is an excellent, free way to keep in-touch with friends, family who may live far away, or even remote business associates. Because it is a free download, Skype is available to virtually everyone and has no fees aside from the optional landline calling subscription. The included features, like video chat, voice chat, and text chat, are all free to Skype users.  The file and screen sharing options are also free and available to everyone.  If you are interested in downloading Skype for your mobile phone, visit the app store. If you would like to learn more about this service or download it on your computer, visit the official Skype website here.