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Subway Surfers Free Download Overview


Subway Surfers – Heart-pounding game play packed into a great free download.

Looking for a new game for your iPhone or Android? Look no further than the wildly popular free download, Subway Surfers. This ‘endless running’ mobile app is colorful, fun, and fast paced.

Players of Subway Surfers will assume the role of ‘Jake’, a young hooligan, who is on the run after being caught applying graffiti to a metro railway station wall. To escape from inspectors who are coming to arrest him, players must guide Jake onto the rail way tracks, jumping and running to dodge on coming trains, and also to collect coins along the way.

Developed by Kiloo, an app developer based in Denmark, this free download was released in May of 2012. Since its initial release, Subway Surfers has had many iterations released to the general public. These new versions of the game include holiday editions for Halloween and Christmas, and worldwide editions that include settings in various major cities around the world. The next update is on its way with a projected release of February 13th 2014. Outside of iOS and Android, Subway Surfers is also available on the Amazon Kindle platform.

Jake, the default character, is not your only option for racing through the Subway tunnels, though. There are many other characters to be played, but they have to be unlocked first! There are a few ways to unlock characters, which includes collecting articles of clothing within the game, or making a virtual currency payment to unlock them instantly.

In terms of appearance, Subway Surfers is aesthetically detailed with lots of graffiti artwork and vector graphic characters. Game play is smooth and, compared to other ‘endless running’ games, it is well thought out and straight forward.

Currently, there are 16 versions of Subway Surfers that can be played. These versions include(in chronological order):

  • Original Subway Surfers
  • Halloween Edition
  • Christmas Edition
  • New York City Edition
  • Rio de Janeiro Edition
  • Rome Edition
  • Sydney Edition
  • Tokyo Edition
  • Miami Edition
  • Paris Edition
  • Beijing Edition
  • Moscow Edition
  • New Orleans: Halloween Special Edition
  • London: Christmas Special Edition
  • Mumbai Edition
  • Second Miami Edition

In each of these versions of the game, the characters change with regard to their clothing and actions. For instance, the inspector and dog that chase Jake become a Frankenstein monster and a skeleton dog during the New Orleans Halloween Special Edition, and he becomes Santa Claus in the London Christmas Special Edition.

The locations have an effect on other characters as well. In the Beijing Edition, an acrobat wears a costume depicting Monkey from ‘Journey to the West’. A street performer in the New Orleans Edition is dressed as Charles Dickens’ Artful Dodger. It is very interesting to note all of the mindful changes that each iteration of the game to the table. Kiloo has done a great job maintaining the game’s integrity, while making each edition markedly different.

If running away from the inspector and his dog is not enough action for you, there are also weekly city-themed treasure hunts that can be completed. Each treasure hunt leads to special in-game bonuses and is a welcome break from the normal running game play.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the free download of Subway Surfers, check out your mobile phone’s app market, or visit to download the game for Kindle. While the game is free to download, there are opportunities for the in-app purchasing of virtual currency and various accessories, so proceed with caution.