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Temple Run 2 – Endless Running Fun In A Free Download


The popularity of ‘endless running’ games has skyrocketed over the last year or so, and of all the games that fall into this category, the Temple Run franchise has always come out on top.

Now, Temple Run 2 (the sequel to the popular ‘Temple Run’) is available as a free download for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users.

Temple Run 2 is based on the same premise as the original Temple Run in that the main character is running for his life through the jungle and avoiding obstacles, however, the sequel has added a lot of interesting features that make the game more fun and much more challenging.

Now, instead of simply running along the jungle floor, players can utilize zip lines, mine tracks, waterfalls, and jets of fire, to get where they are going. There are also a series of new power-ups that make game play more interesting. Players can even save their character from certain death by spending green gems that they collect in the game or purchase from the app’s market.

Other changes that differ from the original Temple Run include a different location, a faster running character, and most notably, the three monkeys that used to chase players are completely gone. The monkey troop has been replaced by a larger, singular monkey who is named Cuchanck.

At the initial release of this free download, there were four characters available to be unlocked and played. Since then, the number has increased to ten playable characters. These characters include:

  • Guy Dangerous – (The default avatar)
  • Scarlett Fox
  • Barry Bones
  • Karma Lee
  • Francisco Montoya, Spanish Conquistador
  • Zack Wonder, American Football Player
  • Montana Smith
  • Usain Bolt, World’s Fastest Runner
  • Santa Claus

Some of these characters, including Usain Bolt, were initially only available for purchase for a limited time; however, they have since been made permanent fixtures of Temple Run 2.

Upon its release, Temple Run 2 got fantastic reviews from many critics who initially thought the series might be worn out and boring. Overall, the app has received more than 20 million downloads, 6 million of which occurred in the first 24 hours of release.

While the download of this game is completely free, it is worth noting that majority of the additional characters and accessories must be purchased with real money. Some of the characters can be unlocked with in-game coins (which can also be purchased), but Bolt and Santa Claus can only be purchased with real money.

Temple Run 2 has also been cited as one of the most cheated/hacked apps of all time. There have been specific hacking apps built especially for Temple Run 2. These hacks usually target the idea of receiving unlimited coins and gems. While this is obviously cheating, there is also the risk of having your app store account hacked into and this method is not recommended.

In all, Temple Run 2 is a seamless edition to its predecessor. The surroundings are different but familiar, the characters are similar but more interesting, and the obstacles provide a challenge for the already seasoned player. While there are a considerable amount of in-app purchases that can be made, they are not integral to game play and users can generally get through the game without having to make any standalone purchases from the app’s store. If you are interested in giving this free download a try, visit your mobile phone’s app store to begin installation.