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WeChat – Avoid High Messaging Fees With This Free Download App


Paying for traditional SMS text messages through a carrier can be a real problem and a big expense.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to bypass your carrier and send text, video and picture messages for free?  WeChat, a free download for your mobile device, will do just that.

WeChat is available on most mobile devices, including: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia, and as a web app, as well. Mobile devices users can find the app in the app store, and web users can download the app for free from the WeChat website. There is a handy list of frequently asked questions available on the app’s website that answers various questions about downloading to the above-listed mobile devices.

So, how does WeChat help you avoid SMS fees through your carrier? It’s simple! WeChat uses internet data, just like any other app that may be running on your phone. As long as the friend that you want to message also has WeChat installed on his or her phone, the message will send using internet data, just like an email.

WeChat offers more than just simple text-based messaging services to its users, though. Also offered through the app is face-to-face video calls, voice chat, ‘moments’, live chat, and more! All of these features making contacting friends easy and fun without incurring expensive charges from your cell service provider.

This app is also a great way for users to chat with friends or acquaintances while keeping their phone number concealed. Sometimes it is not desirable to give out your phone number to strangers or people that you’ve just met. WeChat is a great way to text and chat without giving away your private number. The app uses a unique username to identify its users instead of using their mobile number.

The live chat option offered in this free download is much like a traditional ‘chat room’. When a live chat is started, voices can be heard in real-time fashion, allowing for quicker communication between friends.

Video chat allows the user’s voice to be heard, along with their face appearing on the screen. This feature is great for those who live long distances apart, or have something important to show a friend in real-time, like a child taking their first steps.

One of the more unique features on WeChat is the ‘Shake’ option. By choosing to Shake, users are paired up with other random users who are also using the Shake feature. This is a great way to meet new friends or chat with someone that you don’t know.  Additionally, there is the ‘Drift Bottle’ option that allows users to ‘throw’ a virtual message out to sea and wait for a random stranger to pick it up and read or listen to it. Users who find messages in bottles may either reply to them or throw them back.

While there are a lot of free chat apps on the market, WeChat has quite a few unique features that are not seen on other apps.  Whether you are using the Shake and Drift Bottle features, or simply chatting with friends you already know, this free download is sure to be as entertaining as it is useful. If you are interested in downloading WeChat to your mobile phone, simply visit the app store. If you would like to read more about the app or if you would like to download it to your laptop or desktop, visit the official website by clicking here.