If you have seen some of the screenshots of the Elder Scrolls Online that are all over the net now, then you probably have an idea by now what the gameplay would be like.

Unfortunately, you cannot find a lot of news and updates regarding the development of the game and only a few screenshots are out in the World Wide Web.

As for the company behind the game, Bethesda, they have not released any official statements yet as to when the actual release date and when the development of the game will take place. So if you are looking for ways to download the Elder Scrolls Online you might be disappointed to know that there are no ways to download the game yet as of now. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing the gameplay of the game as early as now.


As you know, the Elder Scrolls Online is still currently in Beta, and this means that the gameplay content has not been released yet. There is a non disclosure agreement that protects the gameplay from being released prior to the official launch of the game.

And if you happen to visit Bethesda’s official website, you will find that the company is trying to protect all the games they have produced from being pirated by not revealing the gameplay. However, if you really want to know more information about the game, you better check out their website as it is the best source of information regarding the gameplay of all Elder Scrolls game series, including the Elder Scrolls Online.

All about the Game

The Elder Scrolls Online is also known as the Elder Scrolls Online due to the fact that the game is available in a virtual based RPG format. The game has been in development for five years now, before it was announced to the public last May of 2012.

It is actually the first ever project of ZeniMax Online Studios, which is a company that was formed only in the year 2007. The studio lead at Zenimax Online, named Max Firor, is also the director of the Elder Scrolls Online. Although there have been some rumors that the game is set to be launched anytime soon, Bethesda has not released any official statement ever since they made an announcement last May 2012 of their plans to come up with the Elder Scrolls Online.

Introduction to Elder Scrolls Online

Last November of 2012, a video posted by Bethesda in YouTube has created a buzz in the RPG world. The video is named as the “Introduction to the Elder Scrolls Online”. On this video, the developer of the game talks about the game’s content and how it was developed. On the early part of 2013 (January of 2013), Beta signups for the Elder Scrolls Online has began and on March of 2013, the first round of closed Beta invites have been sent out by Bethesda.  And if rumors are true, everyone will enjoy the Elder Scrolls Online on their consoles this April of 2014.

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