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Halo 5 – An Xbox One Exclusive Game for 2014


Halo 5 is the fifth installation of the Halo series, which is a science fiction kind of video game that was created by the Bungie.

Right now, the game is owned by the Microsoft Studios. The four installation series is about an interstellar war in between humanity and an alliance of aliens, called the Covenant. These aliens are being led by some religious leaders, the prophets which worship an ancient civilization called the Forerunners. The Forerunners are said to have perished in combat with the parasitic flood.

Best Xbox Games for 2014

A lot of the gameplays are focused on the experiences of Master Chief John-117, who is a virtually enhanced human soldier, along with his artificially intelligent companion named Cortana. The game indeed has a unique gameplay which is one reason why it became so popular. Now that Halo 5 is about to be released for Xbox One, a lot of Halo fans have been eagerly anticipating the game and are expecting it to become the best Xbox One game for 2014.

Xbox One Exclusive

The head of Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer, has once also revealed that there will be a lot of Xbox One exclusive titles that will be unveiled for this year and one of these is the Halo 5. This statement was released through his Twitter feed which was read by a lot of Xbox One gamers and eventually, the news spread all over the World Wide Web. He also confirmed that there will be several other exclusive games for Xbox One that is yet to be released, aside from the Halo 5. The company confirmed that they are already working on such plan and that they will release further details about the game in 2014.

Trailer Confirmation

The Halo has always been the flagship series for Microsoft ever since it was first launched. It certainly transformed the landscape of the first person shooter games created for gaming consoles. When the first installment, Halo – Combat Evolved, first came out in 2001, it gained the attention of several Xbox players. It has enjoyed an overwhelming success. Now that the Halo 5 is about to be launched, a lot of gamers are expecting the game to be as successful as well.

Microsoft indeed has big plans for the Halo series and they are hoping that the Master Chief will still be among the faces of this new Xbox One game. During the Electronic Entertainment Expo, various industries have showcased a teaser trailer for Xbox Media which features a hooded Master Chief facing a humongous Promethean avatar. A lot assumed that this is already the cinematic trailer for the upcoming Halo 5 game. However, this was before Microsoft came out and has confirmed that it is indeed just some kind of a “thought piece” for the Halo series. But now, it seems that there will be another twist in the tale and that the cinematic trailer would still be for the highly anticipated Xbox One game, the Halo 5.