What to expect on the Kingdom Hearts 3.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 is an upcoming videogame that was developed by the Square Enix. The game was published by the Disney Interactive Studios and is set to be released for PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One gaming consoles.

This installment of the game is said to be the first ever Kingdom Hearts installments that will be released in a Microsoft platform. The previous Kingdom Hearts games were released for Nintendo and Sony platforms. The Kingdom Hearts 3 is already the eighth installment of the Kingdom Hearts series and the game was announced to the public during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June of 2013 but there is no release date yet as of now.

Rumors and Speculations

Ever since the game was announced during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, a lot of fans have become very excited about the game’s upcoming release. Thus, you will find lots of rumors and speculations scattered all over the net. Some fans are guessing that the game might be available soon and others said that there would be a totally different plot for this new game.

But during an interview with one of its producers, Tetsuya Nomura, he said that they are now in the process of choosing some worlds to be added to the game and they are now on the development stage. However, he cannot specifically say which worlds or which characters will appear. He assured everyone though that more information will be available soon, including the actual release date of the game.

Graphical Capabilities

Tetsuya Nomura has also revealed a few minor details about the graphical capabilities as well as the technical details of the game. Furthermore, he added that the game will most definitely be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles.

According to him, the plot will be a continuation of the Dream Drop Distance and that they are still thinking as to which worlds they will be selecting for the game. He also added that the game will be the final series of the Dark Seeker saga which started on the original Kingdom Hearts series, and will depict the final battle of the Xehanort.

Responding to questions concerning the slight modification on the visual style that was evident on the trailer, Nomura has further explained that the development team has spent a very long time in trying to decide how to best make use of the graphical capabilities of the next generation consoles.


When it comes to the gameplay, the game producer has revealed that the action is very frantic. The bold action that the game always had is becoming even crazier and that the Kingdom Hearts 3 features three person parties.

There are also other characters that will join in the fight on each world. The resulting action is indeed very exciting and flashy. Moreover, the enemy Al is also more intricate and that the overall gameplay will reflect a whole new dynamic balance. There is a villain that looks like a vehicle and that Sora might jump on it or perhaps, fly around on it.

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