The latest on the Minecraft PS3 updates.

The Minecraft PS3 edition is said to be getting a new patch soon. This is according to the latest Minecraft PS3 updates, as posted on the Twitter page of 4J Studios last January 13, 2013. One of their Twitter followers asked the estimated date of release of the next Title Update for the PS3. The spokesperson of the company simply replied that the PS3 edition will soon be getting new enhancements and at that time, the patches are said to be in the process of certification testing which the Sony Entertainment has to do before the game will be launched.

With the recent Minecraft PS3 updates, PS3 gamers should not be surprised to see their fully enhanced Minecraft game out in the market soon.

Certification Testing

As mentioned, the patches for Minecraft PlayStation 3 which 4J Studios has been working on is now with Sony Entertainment and is undergoing certification testing. So what is this all about? Since the PlayStation Network is a closed environment, the 4J Studios will have to go through a process of approval from the Sony Computer Entertainment in order for them to be able to release a new patch for the Minecraft PS3 edition. According to Minecraft PS3 updates, the development team of 4J Studios has already released two Title Updates in the past, with one coming out on the first day of the launch while the second is this current patch, the Patch 1.02.

Bugs and Issues

Despite the initial patch which 4J Studios has released on the first day of the launch, a lot of players still complain about encountering some bugs and other issues on the game, and the biggest of this has something to do with some files being corrupted. The Minecraft PS3 edition was released last Dec 17, 2013 and it was first launched in the North America region.

Further Minecraft PS3 updates reveal that this open world sandbox video game is said to be available in the PS4 version soon, as well as Vita and Xbox One.

Save Corruption Issues

When several players brought up the subject of files being corrupted in the Minecraft PS3 edition, one of the representatives from 4J Studios has responded by saying that they are now in the process of testing a fix for such issue. Several other glitches were also discovered and are already being looked upon. The great news for all PS3 gamers is that 4J Studios has now finally resolved the save corruption issues and according to some Minecraft PS3 updates; the new patch will be out real soon.

As you know, the Minecraft PS3 edition came out in the market last December of 2013. These glitches could indicate that the company might have rushed to develop the video game so they can release the product right before the year ends. But whatever the causes of these glitches are, the important thing is that 4J Studios is quick to resolve this and if the recent Minecraft PS3 updates are true, then players will soon be enjoying a more adventurous Minecraft game on their console.

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