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When is the Release Date for The Sims 4?


The Sims is one of the most popular videogames of all time so it’s no wonder why a lot of people are anticipating the release of The Sims 4.

The Sims is a sandbox game whereing the player would have to create a virtual person. There are also virtual places where they could build a house or choose an existing house. They can also manage the mood of their Sims character while satisfying their desires at the same time.

Each of the successive expansion packs of the game has truly augmented what the player is capable of doing with their Sims character. But now the question is – when will The Sims 4 be released in the market? A lot of people would like to know, especially those that have played the previous 4 installments.

Release Date

Electronic Arts, the developer of The Sims series, has not released any official statement regarding the release date of The Sims 4. Thus, gamers are at a loss as to when they will be able to enjoy this new game on their PC and gaming console. But if rumors are to be believed, the game is said to be coming out in the autumn of 2014. Further reports show that the Electronic Arts has promised a lot of major improvements on this new Sims installment.

New Ways

When Electronic Arts released a statement informing the public of their decision to release The Sims 4, they said that this new game will bring a lot of new ways to play with The Sims. There will be new powerful and creative tools that the player would encounter and the newly enhanced Sims characters are full of intelligence and emotions so players can easily relate to their character.

The player will certainly be able to enjoy a heightened level of experience and players will be able to easily control their character’s mind, heart and entire body. It is like bringing their own life stories to their character in The Sims. This statement was released by the General Manager, Rachel Franklin.

Best Game Ever

Franklin has also mentioned that the fans have helped to fuel the development process of the game and motivated them to work even harder in order to come up with a more adventurous installment. They are working hard to make The Sims 4 to become the company’s best game ever and the most ambitious game that their studio has ever made.

It was also confirmed recently that The Sims 4 will be available for PC and Mac platforms and as a matter of fact, there have been pre orders for the game already. It was not clear though as to when you could pre order you’re the Sims 4 game. In order to be sure that you are buying the authentic game, it is best to wait for the company’s official statement about the release date of the game. Once it is official, then check out the official website of The Sims and download your own copy.