The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the follow-up to the Galaxy S4, which is one of the best smartphones that Samsung has ever created.

Despite Samsung’s popularity in creating highly innovative mobile devices, a lot of technology analysts still cannot make up their mind about Samsung’s impending release of the Galaxy S5. After several months of speculations, a new report has leaked which suggested that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will be made of the same materials as that of its predecessors, which is a thin and light polycarbonate plastic material. Aside from that, the new device will come equipped with several great features.


As you know, Samsung is the company behind the Samsung Galaxy S5. The company is based in South Korea and is headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. The company has several subsidiaries and some affiliated businesses. Most of these belong to the Samsung brand. Right now, Samsung is said to be the biggest South Korean business conglomerate in the country. Samsung is known for producing several high end electronic devices, including mobile devices and one of the latest mobile devices that the company is planning to launch for this year is the Samsung Galaxy S5.


As mentioned, Samsung is known for producing several high end handsets which are often distinguished by their choice of materials. While their competitors will make use of a mixture of glass and metal, Samsung will often prefer polycarbonate plastic which according to some detractors is the company’s way to save on production cost.

Last year, Samsung’s head of design has defended this choice that they make, but did not go as far in suggesting that they might be choosing the same materials as their choice of material for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Report Leaks

There have been leaks circulating all over the World Wide Web that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 handset will be made of metal chassis. However, one investor, with a sound track record of making accurate predictions, have suggested otherwise. He said that he is very positive that the device will be made of plastic this time around.

This was further confirmed by Ming-Chi Kuo, who is another analyst from KGI Securities. He said that Samsung is going to launch the Samsung Galaxy S5 in a traditional plastic casing and will be available in two variants. One is the Galaxy S5 and another is the S5 Prime.

The S5 Prime, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, will be different from the standard variety through its resolution. It will have a high resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 565 ppi display. If this rumor is true, then Samsung users will certainly enjoy a considerable improvement on the display on this new Samsung Galaxy S5.

There are also reports that said about the unit having a 3GB RAM, contrary to some rumors that said about the unit having only 2GB. Both variants will come with a 16 megapixel camera on the rear side and a two megapixel camera on the front. It will also be able to support 3D Gesture Recognition.

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