A managing director of Cowen Company, Timothy Arcuri, has revealed that the new Apple iPhone 6 will be released with a 4.8 inch display screen.

Some insiders from Apple have confirmed this, saying that the specs for the new phone are locked in on a larger screen size, at 4.8 inches to be exact. Experts predict that it is the increased screen size that will attract the most attention for this new mobile phone from Apple. Aside from that, this new device is said to be equipped with much better Wi-Fi capabilities.

Hardware Tweaks and Design Modifications

Along with some hardware tweaks and a few modifications on the design, the Apple iPhone 6 might have some new applications and software which are compatible with a 64-bit A7 processor, as well as a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Some of these features were actually part of the new iPhone 5S.

Arcuri also mentioned that the 5S phone was set up in preparation for the Apple iPhone 6 and for the next version of iOS that the company will soon introduce. He also revealed that some of the key software innovations that are present on the new edition of iPhone will make use of the Touch ID, Passbook and iBeacon apps, which are part of the “push into” services that come with mobile payments.

Upgraded Wi-Fi Capabilities

The upgraded Wi-Fi capabilities of the new Apple iPhone 6 will have the same capacity as that of the updated 2013 Mac computer as well as the MacBooks, and will come with Time Capsule routers and Airport Extreme as compared to the iPhone 5S which only supports the older standards.

With these great features, it is expected that this new phone will have much improved Wi-Fi capabilities. Thus, for all hardcore Apple fans, the new Apple iPhone 6 will definitely be a must have for them. It will make a great substitute for their outdated Apple mobile phones.

Pixel Dimensions

One of the questions that a lot of Apple fans would ask regarding this new mobile phone from Apple is the exact pixel dimension. Will Apple maintain the 1136 X 640 pixels, similar to the iPhone 5S? Or will it come with a slightly higher pixel per inch resolution?

Perhaps, Apple will follow the work of the 9 X 5 Mac’s Ben Lovejoy and then opt for a 1420 x 800 pixel at a current 326 PPI density? Unfortunately, these questions are still waiting to be answered as of this writing. So aside from the fact that the new Apple iPhone 6 will have a 4.8 inch screen, little is known about the phone’s pixel dimensions.

Great Demands

Arcuri has also mentioned that he believes that there will be great demands for this upcoming mobile phone which results to a huge increase on Apple’s revenue in 2014. Add to these are the “push into” notifications that come with mobile payments backend which will definitely be part of the Apple iPhone 6. All these can certainly contribute to the increasing revenue of this company.

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