The Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone’s Windows 8 operating system and extensive collection of features are often touted as the best you can buy with a budget.

This is true for many users, and while this particular phone appeals to many, there are those who believe that certain Nokia Lumia 520 features fall flat in the world of smartphones. According to reviews on websites like and CNET, some customers weren’t completely satisfied with this purchase. Let’s take a look at the reasons given to not buy the Nokia Lumia 520.

Camera Quirks

The majority of complaints about the Nokia Lumia 520 were made against the camera and its supporting features. For some users it may be bothersome that there is no front-facing camera. There is also no flash available. The overall quality of the photos taken with the camera was described as poor, and one user had an issue with the camera button becoming stuck when in use. This problem could only be remedied by removing the phone’s back cover and manually unjamming it. On a related note, another user described the back cover as difficult, stating that users might struggle with its removal.

Substandard Profile Personalization Features

If substantial personalization options are high on your list for your smartphone, you may take issue with this feature, or lack thereof, on the Nokia Lumia 520. General profiles that dictate the ring tone and volume of your phone are not accessible for this model. This will affect those who like to keep separate settings organized for when they are in a meeting versus sitting at home or out to dinner. The volume can be changed on a volume bar, and the silent feature can be activated by that bar as well, but there are no separate profiles.

Limited App Options

Though there are many available apps for the Nokia Lumia 520, some users complained about the number and quality of those apps. The Nokia apps tend to not measure up to those of iPhone and Android. The Microsoft Store, which is the hub from which Windows phone users download their apps, just doesn’t quite have as many options to offer the masses. For some of the big-name apps that are missing from the repertoire, the Microsoft Store may provide a lesser known alternative. Many people use smartphone apps to perform daily tasks and functions. The availability of a plethora of apps is important to many customers, and the Nokia Lumia 520 appears to offer a slightly more humble amount than that of the competition .

When it comes to making an important purchase, it’s important to consider all aspects of that purchase. Decide if the experience of other customers is important to you, and, if it is, how much of an impact that will make on your decision. The most common complaints about the Nokia Lumia 520 seem to fall along the lines that it doesn’t quite have as much to offer as the high-dollar smartphones, and that, in this case, you really do get what you pay for.

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