There have been rumors going on in the World Wide Web about Apple’s plan to release the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch soon.

However, only a few details are available as of yet. Some designers have actually created an image of their own concept on how the watch will look like, to the delight of some Apple fans. The latest concept, created by Todd Hamilton from California, is inspired by a fitness band with an iOS 7 design. The image features a curved touch screen that comes equipped with a physical home button.

No Confirmation

As of this time, Apple has not yet confirmed if they are indeed working on the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch and if they will be releasing this watch soon. It’s frustrating for a lot of Apple fans especially with all the rumors that have been circulating all over the web. But because a lot of eager fans are anticipating its release, several designers have decided to create their own concept of the watch so that Apple fans will somehow have an idea in mind on how this watch will look like.

Some of the previous concepts that were created resemble that of a square and clunky design similar to the Galaxy Gear from Samsung. Todd Hamilton’s concept is that of a sleek and elegant band, that can be fitted to the wrist, just like Nike’s Fuelband. Perhaps, the only difference is that it comes with a curved touch screen design.

Lock Screen

Based on Todd Hamilton’s concept, the lock screen of the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch is made of a basic black and white interface, which, according to Hamilton, would show the date and time and will also be equipped with a button that should be pressed in order to activate Apple’s voice assistant called “Siri”. Hamilton has also explained that he expected for the lock screen of the watch to mimic that of the lock screen of the iPad and iPhone.

This means that users will need to swipe the watch in order to unlock the device and then swipe it down to view notifications. Furthermore, a double tap is needed in order to open and activate Siri. Once the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch is unlocked, the home screen will show four app icons that will be stacked on top of each other, along with a page controller which is visible on the right hand portion of the screen.


Hamilton has also explained how the menus would work on this new watch from Apple. Among the challenges that he was faced with is the tabs. As you know, both the iPad and the iPhone come with tabs that are located right across the bottom of the screen. Coming up with a normal tab view across the bottom of the watch is not effective so Hamilton came up with a simple drop down design on the title bar. Tapping such will show the pop over menu which displays the available pages.

He added that he purposely left out several controls on the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch, such as the Edit as well as the Add Contact. He believes that on a device this small, it makes more sense to be able to manage the contacts, apps and media from the iPhone or Mac that is in sync to the iWatch.

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