Apple is said to be facing a lot of challenges in their attempt to design their own version of the smart watch, which is the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch, and this report was according to some rumors circulating all over the web.

Among these challenges is unsatisfactory battery performance which contributed to some display issues. The company is said to be considering changing the display technology used on this new device, according to some reports.

Called Off the Production

There was a report that was leaked online that Apple is said to have called off its production of the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch components with one of their suppliers late last year. And according to some sources, this was the main reason why the company was not able to push through with their decision to launch the device in the later part of 2013.

But then some people have said that such reports are insignificant. These are mere rumors only and that Apple has never ceased its production of the device. In fact, Apple is said to have a sizable team of professionals that are working on bringing the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch to the market soon.

Poor Yield Rates

Although Apple has yet to announce their plan to launch a smart watch in 2014, a lot of rumors have been circulating the net that the company is said to be facing poor yield rates of about less than 50 percent on their trial manufacturing of the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch. If these latest rumors are true, then Apple consumers might have to wait for a little bit longer before they could catch a glimpse of this anticipated smart watch. Furthermore, the report also stated that this poor yield rate is a result of the company’s difficulties in applying surface treatments towards their metal injection molded chassis.

Team of Professionals

As mentioned previously, reports about Apple’s challenges in manufacturing the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch are not that significant. And in fact, they have a team of professionals who are currently working on the company’s latest innovation. One of them is Ben Shaffer who used to work as a design director for Nike. He is said to have played a major part in the development of Nike’s own smart watch, dubbed as the Fuelband. Aside from Shaffer, Apple has also hired a lot of fitness and wearable experts who are working hand in hand in developing the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch in the soonest possible time.

Despite the fact that Apple has a team of professionals who are in charge in the development and production of the upcoming smart watch, this does not mean that the company won’t be facing any challenges. But whatever challenges the company will face for the new device, a lot of its customers are positive that the company would be able to find a way to get through this and pretty soon, they will be announcing the much anticipated release of the new Apple SmartWatch/iWatch. For now, all that the customers can do is to wait for such announcement.

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