Despite the fantastic reviews and ratings, the Google Nexus 7 has its faults.

Online reviews seem to ignore the reports of issues and give high recommendations. Today we will be discussing the Google Nexus 7 and its issues to reveal why we say “don’t buy it.”

Great Reviews, Great Faults

The Google Nexus 7 has tied scores with and overcome the ratings of Apple’s iPad mini after its July release. Some issues of the tablet had not raised their ugly heads until after owners had gushed about the tablet’s positive properties. The pricey tablet, which comes from a big-name company, is comparable to the majority of underpowered Android tablets that sell for under $50 USD. Most of the problems start and end with apps. Google’s product has issues with its scrolling animation, which creates a visually jittery screen. This makes scrolling through the Google Play Store an unpleasant, shaky experience despite the Nexus 7 being so quick and smooth in other areas. While the Play Store has increased its selection of apps, the number of quality apps is quite sparse in comparison to the iPad Appstore. Google needs to provide apps that will justify their device, but so far have put their efforts elsewhere. Within weeks of the Google Nexus 7’s release, a serious GPS glitch debilitates the GPS system and leave users with a lack of connection and direction. Users also complained about multitouch issues, which caused the screen’s sensors to malfunction while tracking a mere two finger points—the industry’s standard minimal requirement in order for a touch screen to be considered capable of multitouch.

Don’t Buy It

The lack of apps makes the otherwise strong, cost efficient device somewhat unnecessary and comparable to a computer without software: pointless. Google fell short when they relied on tools to stretch Android smartphone apps to fit larger screens rather than investing in app optimization like Apple had with the iPad. Apps that claim to be tablet-friendly barely make the cut, thanks to Google cutting corners in this area. Even apps that are popular and successful on iPad do not take advantage of Android device’s screen dimensions and make sloppy cut and paste apps that lack navigational menus and sidebars. Google’s Nexus 7 lacks in native apps and is a testament to Google’s lack of commitment to Android, especially for apps and form factors. Google further proves this by investing in Chrome OS copies of Apple products that rely on a web based platform.

All of these issues occurred less one year prior to the 2013 release of the second generation Google Nexus 7, during the original Nexus 7 release. After using the tablets for an extended period, owners unanimously claim performance downgrades. After a year of use, the lag, stuttering, and unresponsiveness renders the tablet unusable. The performance issues were revealed to be due to unfinished software and defective hardware issues. It is up to consumers to decide if they wish to purchase any product, but after review and consideration, we have to say this about the Google Nexus 7: don’t buy it.

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