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Nokia Lumia 620 Price Won’t Break The Bank With These Deals


Are you looking for a great entry level smartphone that won’t break the bank yet still maintains a sense of style?

If so, then look no farther than the Nokia Lumia 620. With a variety of yummy candy colors, a glare proof screen, and a better than decent rear camera, this phone is the perfect choice for those looking to upgrade, first time smartphone buyers, and teens looking for their first phone. The Lumia 620 features a 1 GHz dual core processor, and it runs the smooth and user friendly Windows Phone 8 interface. If you are looking for the best deals, here is a rundown of where the Lumia 620 is available and what you can expect to pay to get your hands on one. (USA)

We begin our search at Amazon, where you can pick up a black unlocked Lumia 620 for $174.95 U.S. dollars. Free shipping is also available on the purchase of this device.

Aio Wireless (USA)

If the black device doesn’t float your boat, consider buying a Lumia 620 with a contract from Aio Wireless. Currently, you can get it in blue, purple, yellow, or lime for only $99.99. Plans are affordable and variable, with unlimited data, talk, and messaging, although speed is reduced when you exceed your monthly limit.


The prices on Ebay will vary wildly with the supply and demand, so look for good deals on Lumia 620 in the coming months after the phone has been out for a while.

Vodofone (UK)

With Vodofone, users can get the Lumia 620 for only £13.00 per month with a pay-as-you go plan.

Unlocked Mobiles (UK)

At Unlocked Mobiles, the Lumia 620 is currently priced at £174.98, VAT included. They only stock black and white versions, however, so the color lovers may want to look elsewhere.

Flipkart (India)

For Rs. 11,599, Indian consumers can order a Lumia 620, taxes and delivery charges included. You can also bundle your phone for an even better deal through this retailer. (India) currently sells the Lumia 620 for Rs. 11,890 with free shipping included in the price. They also feature a 30 day return policy, so you can return your device if you are unsatisfied.

If you are shopping for the Nokia Lumia 620, chances are good that these prices will remain fairly stable for a while with only minor variations due to the newness of the device. You may have to do a little more searching to find the more colorful devices, as they are usually easier to find when purchased through a service provider with a contract.

The Nokia Lumia 620 is a fantastic phone for users who will primarily be making calls, texts, and browsing the internet on their devices. If you are looking for something that will handle games, multiple apps, and multimedia, a better choice would be one of the higher end devices, such as the Nokia Lumia 1520, which is also available for around $99 U.S. dollars. Be sure to carefully compare specs before making any purchase, because sometimes the prices are not good indicators of just how much phone you will get for your money.