The Nokia Lumia 520 boasts the innovative feel of a modern smartphone without the overwhelming price tag.

Its 1GHz dual core processor is powered by Windows 8, a sleek and easy-to-use operating system, complete with extensive options for music play, social media posting, photo capturing and sharing, connecting with contacts, and a hub for your favorite apps. The 4-inch touch screen alone is a selling point due to its extreme sensitivity. Users can navigate the phone easily even with gloves or long fingernails. Let’s take a look at the current price comparisons and discount deals that are offered for the Nokia Lumia 520.

Price Comparisons

Most prices for the Nokia Lumia 520 hover in the same general range with few differences. They can be bought straight from the Microsoft Store for $59, the lowest price available for a brand new model. Walmart comes in second for best available price with $59.99. These smartphones are also available for purchase from Amazon and Best Buy for $69.99. Each of these offers a discount compared to AT&T who sells the Nokia Lumia 520 for $99.99.

Discount Deals

The benefit of buying from the Microsoft Store is that you can receive your Nokia Lumia 520 for $59 without signing up for an annual contract. If you decide to go with Amazon for your purchase, you can enjoy free shipping with an Amazon Prime account. Nokia offers a special deal that allows customers to bring their current phone to their local mobile phone establishment, have its value assessed, and use that value as a discount from the price of a new Nokia Lumia 520. If you find yourself in a current contract with AT&T, you can purchase the Nokia Lumia 520, place your SIM card in it, and continue your service without the need to extend that contract. Customers can also enjoy free shipping from AT&T when they order the Nokia Lumia 520 online from The Nokia Lumia 520 provides its users with tools they need to stay in touch with the world around them. If you are looking for a smartphone that will keep up with the best brands in the business while also being mindful of your budget, consider these retailers and their discount deals when it’s time to make your purchase. Knowing your options leads to smart shopping and extra money in your wallet.

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