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WhatsApp Free Download Makes Communication Easy


A Head Start

WhatsApp is a social messenger application that has become an essential tool for mobile phones. It is a great way to chat and connect with your friends. It is easier to chat through WhatsApp than, say, BBM, as it is a cross platform application that allows you to chat with any one of your phone contacts downloading the app, no matter what smartphone he or she uses. It is available for all popular platforms, such as Android, iPhones, Nokia phones and the Blackberry. Of course, now that BBM has also launched services for Android and the iOS, there could be stiff competition, but WhatsApp still has the much-desired head start and its popularity can be traced to the easy interface.

Useful Features

It allows the user to create groups and chat with each member of the group. WhatsApp allows groups of up to 50 people chat with each other. Apart from chatting, it also supports sending videos and images as well as sound recordings, all of which can be sent in real time. You can even view whether your messages have gone to the server and reached the contact, through the tick marks present on the side of the message. It is actually similar to an SMS service, but has added advantages of creating groups and sending attachments through an easy user interface. The app also has no character limit and you can even send lengthy messages. There is also no need to remember your username and password every time to sign in to the app. There are no pop ups, spam or advertisements on the app to disturb or annoy you.

No Hidden Costs

All you need to have is an Internet connection in order to send messages. Apart from this, there are no hidden charges and no charges for messaging, as against a traditional SMS. The application is available free of cost for the first year, after which you may be asked to pay a small fee towards subscription.

Killing Traditional SMS services

In short, WhatsApp is an easy means of communication as it is very simple to install it on your phone and set it up. It has a very user-friendly interface. It is designed excellently and runs smoothly without any glitches on the Android and the iOS. It is available on all platforms and has, therefore, changed the way in which people carry on communication with one another, completely killing the traditional SMS. It is making communication enjoyable and easy by offering security, as it comes encrypted and unknown people will not be able to read your messages.