Apple’s most rumored device as of today is the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch, which is a smart watch that is expected to be launched anytime soon.

But since Apple has not released any further statement about this new device, a lot of people have been speculating about how this device will look like and what are the features that it will come with.
Among the most talked about features of the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch is the OLED display. According to reports, the device will feature an organic light emitting diode, also known as OLED, for its display screen and this might come in two different screen sizes. One version will be available for men and another for women.

1.7 And 1.3 Inch Screens

Based on a report by the Korean Herald, the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch could sport a screen display of 1.7 inch for the men while women will have a 1.3 inch one and both are OLED screens. Such report is said to have been shared on an industry conference held in Taiwan last year.

The report also mentioned that it is still not clear whether the display screen that will be used for the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch will be flexible or not. But some sources have said that there is a big possibility that Apple will outdo Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.

Revamped Display Screen

In October of last year, there was a report published online which suggests that Apple is thinking of revamping the display screen for several of its products in the following year, which is this year of 2014. Such report also claimed that a 1.3 inch as well as a 1.6 inch Apple SmartWatch/iWatch model will be launched around the later part of the year. The report also added that the device will come with a flexible 320 x 320 AMOLED display.

Flexible OLED Screens

The same publication also mentioned that the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch will feature OLED screens that are flexible and are made exclusively by the LG Display. According to rumors, LG and Apple are closing in on a deal and will go hand in hand in the production of the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch. The report also stated that LG will not be a sole supplier for the display since RiTDisplay, a company from Taiwan, is also said to be another contender in being Apple’s supplier for the device screen.

Significant Technological Boost

If the rumors are true about Apple’s decision to integrate a flexible OLED screen to the new iWatch, then they are doing the right thing. Analysts say that the screen offers a significant technological boost to the Apple SmartWatch/iWatch since they will no longer need a backlight. As a result, the device will be more power efficient as compared to the traditional LCD display that you will find on the iPhone, iPad and Mac computer.

When Apple decided to hire Jeung Jil Lee earlier this year, this actually sparked the rumors that the company might consider using a display technology for the new Apple SmartWatch/iWatch. For those who don’t know, Jeung Jil Lee is the senior OLED expert of LG Display.

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