There have been rumors going around that the HTC is coming up with a new mobile phone which is either called the HTC One 2/HTC One 2014/HTC M8.

Since it is the successor of HTC One, then it can be called the HTC One 2, and since it is going to be launched this 2014, others call it the HTC One 2014, while rumors are suggesting that the company has a codename for the device, the HTC M8. Whatever the name of the device is, one thing is for sure – HTC fans have been very eager to know more about it. So here is what you should know about the upcoming HTC One 2/HTC One 2014/HTC M8 mobile phone.

HTC One Name

During the launch of the rumored phone, HTC One has made it clear that the name will be very important for them and that it will still bear the same flagship name as that of its previous handsets. Because of this, the phone was referred to as the HTC One 2 by other tech experts.

Yet, others commented that the name sounds like a microphone check during a concert which sounds pretty hilarious. With this, some people said that the company might refer to the new device as the HTC One 2014, since it is going to be out this year. But then some analysts revealed that the company makes use of HTC M8 as its codename for the mobile phone. Because of all these speculations, people are still puzzled as to what name the phone will have so they ended up calling it the HTC One 2/HTC One 2014/HTC M8 mobile phone.

HTC One Release Date

There was no official statement from HTC as to when the new phone will be released in the market, although it will for sure be coming this 2014. But according to some analysts, HTC is fond of announcing a new device during February and coincidentally, this month is also the time when the annual Mobile World Congress will be happening.

For this year, the event will be held on February 24, and if rumors are to be believed, the new HTC One 2/HTC One 2014/HTC M8 mobile phone is scheduled to be released in the market on that same day. Now that January is over, HTC fans won’t have to wait longer for the new device to be in their hands soon.

HTC One Specifications

Aside from the name and the release date, eager fans would also want to know the specs and other details about the new mobile phone. Several rumors have been spreading all over the World Wide Web about the specs of the new phone.

Others are suggesting that the phone will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 as its processor and the display will feature a 440ppi with a 1920 x 1080 pixel in a 5 inch screen. As for the design, the HTC One 2/HTC One 2014/HTC M8 will feature a high quality finish, to the delight of admiring fans, who can’t wait for the new phone to be released.

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