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Minecraft Xbox 360 Update: The Story of Success


One of the most interesting Minecraft Xbox 360 updates that Minecraft fans have heard recently is that the company has sold 13 million copies of the PC version of game for last year.

Indeed, Minecraft has hit impressive milestones ever since it was first released in the market in the year 2009.

13 Million Copies Sold for PC Version

It was the designer of the game himself, Markus Persson who announced the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates that the company has sold 13 million copies of the original version of the game, which was in the PC platform. The game has been available in the PC version since May of 2009. Players could purchase an Alpha and Beta version at a discount and they will then be asked for further feedback about the game so when 4J Studios company developed the console version, they are able to come up with a much improved version of the game.

But despite the fact that the Minecraft Xbox 360 turned out to be a fully complete game, the developer still continues to release regular Minecraft Xbox 360 updates to the delight of all Minecraft Xbox 360 gamers.

10 Million Copies Sold for Xbox 360

After Persson’s announcement that the PC version of Minecraft has sold 13 million copies, Microsoft followed suit and revealed in one of their Minecraft Xbox 360 updates that there are 10 million copies of the Xbox 360 version of the game. This edition of the game sports a split screen multiplayer feature as well as an Xbox Live multiplayer. The developer of the game was 4J Studios and was released on May of 2012. From them on, it has become so popular in the gaming industry and in fact, 4J Studios is already thinking of developing more versions for other gaming consoles as well such as the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and many more. And because of this popularity, millions of people worldwide have bought a copy which is perhaps the reason behind the 10 million copies sold.

The Success of Minecraft Xbox 360

The Minecraft Xbox 360 is indeed one of the most successful video games in this generation. The success of this small indie game could be due to the fact that it comes with several great features. Aside from that, the game does not have any overt player goals and flashy graphics that are just too distracting.

Right now, it is hailed as the latest pop culture phenomenon. Almost all Xbox 360 users have the Minecraft game downloaded on their console and due to the regular enhancement and various Minecraft Xbox 360 updates that 4J Studios is releasing, it is predicted that the game will turn out to be even more successful in the years to come.

The player base for the Minecraft game will surely continue to grow in the next few years and the game is gearing to come up with several new platforms. And with all the interesting Minecraft Xbox 360 updates that the game has released recently, the number of Minecraft gamers could double by next year.