The Sims is a game developed by Maxis and was published by the Electronic Arts Company.

The game was first released for Microsoft Windows in February of 2000. The game makes use of the isometric projection as well as features an open ended simulation of the day to day activities of one or more virtual persons which are called “The Sims”. The setting is a suburban area that is near the SimCity.

On the first edition of the game, The Sims 1, there were a total of seven expansion packs as well as two deluxe editions that came with exclusive content. In the middle of last year, May 2013, the developer has announced that they are coming up with the fourth sequel of the game, The Sims 4.


A lot of fans are dying to know more details about the game. Unfortunately, Electronic Arts, who is supposed to publish the game, has not released any further details about The Sims 4 yet. The game was developed by Maxis and will soon be released worldwide around fall of 2014.

A lot of The Sims fans were anticipating for the game to be released earlier. But according to reports, there was a delay on its target release date. And indeed, Electronic Arts has confirmed that there was indeed a delay on the release of the game.


Just like with the previous Sims installments, The Sims 4 will have an interesting gameplay. In fact, the developers are working hard to make the game to become even more interesting. This is a tall order considering the fact that the previous installments are already very interesting. Besides, very few things can be done to make it more interesting especially since fans wouldn’t like a lot of things changed.

Pre orders

There have been news reports that are spreading all over about the game being available for pre order and is said to be at $59.99 each. It is a Limited Edition game and is now available on the official website of The Sims. The copy will come with the Life of the Party digital content, including an original and exclusive digital version that can be purchased at $69.99 each. It also comes with the Up All Night digital content and according to reports, unannounced extras.

The Sims Studio has expressed their appreciation of the fans’ overwhelming support. They also added that the fans’ passion and enthusiasm helped motivate them to do their best now that they are on the development process of The Sims 4. They expect the game to become one of the most ambitious and possibly the best game that the studio has ever made. That’s their goal. They themselves are excited for the release of the game and they can’t wait for their millions of fans to enjoy their favorite videogame.

The game will be compatible with Windows and Mac computers and its estimated release date is late 2014. Better stay updated for a more specific release date so you can pre order.

Technology An Overview of The Sims 4