If you do a search in the World Wide Web about the recent reports concerning the release of the new Apple iPhone 6, you will find that a lot of business analysts have shared their insights, opinions and predictions on the upcoming device.

Most of them have said that the new model will come with a bigger screen size and will have a much better Wi-Fi capability. Read this review to find out more about the new Apple iPhone 6.

Different Design

According to speculations, there is a bigger chance that the design of the new iPhone 6 will be different from the usual designs that iPhone users are used to. The new device will have an all new aluminum design, unlike the previous models which come with plastic exteriors.

There is still no clear image as to what this new phone will look like, but that has not stopped several designers from creating their own forecast of the new Apple iPhone 6. Frederico Ciccarese, an artist, has rendered the iPhone 6 to be something that is made of a curved metal back with shiny chamfered edges, similar to the ones you see with the iPad Mini as well as the iPad Air.

The render also features the home button which is said to be made out of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, different from the usual home button that we have on our previous iPhone devices. If all these speculations about the design are true, then indeed, the new Apple iPhone 6 is definitely worth waiting for.

Big Screen

Analysts have said that Apple has made the right decision to bump up the screen size of the new iPhone 6. With this decision, the company will now be able to compete well with its fierce competitors, like the HTC One, LG G2, as well as Samsung Galaxy S4.

A Japanese publication also reported that the Apple iPhone 6 might have a full 5 inch screen display that is in High Definition. Some reviews have also mentioned that the bigger screen will have a 2,272 x 1,280 resolution so all of the existing apps will be easily scaled up on this new device.

The screen will also come with a Sharp IXGO display and this means that Apple will have to scrape off some few millimeters of thickness in order for the Apple iPhone 6 to appear thinner and more efficient.

Sapphire Glass Display

Another rumor that has been circulating about the new Apple iPhone 6 is that the device might feature a super hard glass display that is said to be made of sapphire. The new technology will be produced by the GT Advanced Technologies, the same company that’s behind the phone’s camera lens as well as the Touch ID home button sapphire glass. If these rumors are true, then this could mean that nothing short of diamond will be able to make a mark on the display screen of the new iPhone 6.

With all the details that have been circulating all over the net about the new Apple iPhone 6, it is not surprising to know why a lot of diehard fans have been eagerly waiting for its eventual release.

Technology A Review of the Apple iPhone 6