Are you the owner of Samsung Galaxy Core who is looking to make some changes to your phone with an new custom ROM or other modification?

If so, then you need to begin by rooting your phone. Rooting will give you access to the root files of your device, and from there you can alter your phone’s display, operating system, and even increase battery life and speed. Before doing so, know that rooting your device may very well void your manufacturer’s warranty, so this process must be undertaken with caution by someone who knows what he or she is doing. Here are the steps to root your Samsung Galaxy Core.

Before You Begin

Be aware that after you root your phone, you will no longer receive official firmware or software updates on your device. This process will also remove any data that is stored in your phone, so it is essential for you to back up any important files, contacts, or photographs before beginning. There is a risk that this process may damage or “brick” your phone.

Now that you are ready to proceed, begin by making sure that your phone is at least 80 percent charged, preferably fully charged, before starting the process. You will also need to download a few required files to your computer, including the USB drivers for your Samsung Galaxy Core (found on the Samsung website or with a simple Google search) and the root installer from OneClickRoot. Save these files on your desktop so they will be easy to find later. Next, you need to enable USB debugging on your phone by clicking Settings, then Apps, then Development and making sure that the USB debugging box is checked.

The Rooting Process

Using your USB cord, connect your Galaxy Core to your PC. Find the root installer you saved earlier to your desktop, and click to run it. The root installer will detect your Galaxy Core, and when it does, you can then click “root now.” At this point, you must simply wait for the rooting process to finish. When complete, your phone will reboot, and your phone will be rooted, ready for custom ROM installation.

Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy Core is a very popular device worldwide, so there has been a lot of development for this phone, and the rooting process could not be simpler. There are also a multitude of custom ROMs out there, ready to bring you the latest version of Android, get rid of the Samsung bloatware, and more. If you are dissatisfied with your phone’s current performance, you should definitely give rooting and custom ROMs a try. One of the best out there is Monster ROM, which makes improvements on performance with RAM tweaks, internet boosts, and better gaming features.

As you can see, you are not limited to what Samsung tells you this phone can do, and with just a little extra work on your part, you can truly take it’s performance to the next level. Give it a try – you’ll be glad that you did.

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