Many smartphones have been released in the past few years, including the 2012 Samsung Galaxy S Duos and the 2013 Nokia Lumia 620.

As phones go, the two are fairly comparable with similar features that include 2G and 3G networking, touch screens, and other industry standards. While some technophiles enjoy owning only the newest gadgets companies have to offer, both of these phones present themselves as viable contenders in the phone market.

About the Phones

Physical comparison of the phones reveals that the phones are distinctly different. The Samsung Galaxy S Duos is slightly larger both in length and width as well as screen size while still maintaining a weight of 20 grams, seven grams lighter than the Nokia Lumia 620. Samsung Galaxy S Duos is rounder in design than the rectangular Nokia Lumia 620. The Samsung Galaxy S Duos have three color options available: White, Black, and the light pink La Fleur. The Nokia Lumia 620 have seven colors available: black, cyan, lime green, magenta, orange, white, and yellow. The Samsung Galaxy S Duos runs Android OS v.4, while the Nokia Lumia 620 runs Windows 8 for phones. Cosmetic details and operating systems leaves the debate up to personal preference, but the specs may make or break deals for some buyers.

All in the Specs

Both phones are within the same price range of approximately $170USD and have many similar specs such as the TFT capacitive touch screen and 16M colors, the 480×800 pixel display size, and multitouch capabilities. Unique features for the Samsung Galaxy S Duos include Dual SIM cards, a higher pixel quality camera than the Nokia Lumia 620, and a 43 hour battery life. The Nokia Lumia 620 beats out the Samsung Galaxy S Duos in memory size at 64 GB, storage at 8 GB, higher 720p video quality compared to VGA, and HTML5 browser compared to Samsung Galaxy S Duos, which runs just HTML. However, the Nokia Lumia 620 only offers one browser, Internet Explorer 10, which is slow and has the unusual feature of the address bar being located on the bottom of the screen, while the Samsung Galaxy S Duos has options like Chrome.

Both phones are fairly good choices for the average user. The Nokia Lumia 620 has the most recent hardware, which may give it a leg up on competition from the Samsung Galaxy S Duos. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S Duos does boast an Android OS, which some consumers prefer over the newer Windows Phone 8 OS. Thanks to the Dual SIM card feature, the Samsung Galaxy S Duos is perfect for people who have high call volume and want to save money on carrier bills. Nokia Lumia 620 is an affordable phone with features that would appeal to a younger audience. The color options and affordability make this a viable option for an entry-level phone. Some downsides to the Windows Phone 8 OS include the lack of customization options for the user interface and the fact that essential apps are missing from the Windows Phone 8 catalog. The slightly older Samsung Galaxy S Duos might come out ahead for users that enjoy a more reliable OS than Windows Phone 8. As with all choices, there is give and take between the phones, and consumers will have to weigh the options and make the compromise for themselves.

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