As you might have recalled, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 3 in September of last year and if rumors are true, Samsung consumers might be welcoming the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in September of this year, exactly a year after its predecessor was released.

But then, these rumors are mere speculations only because until now, Samsung has never confirmed this and the company has not even released any official statement for the details of this new device, including its release date.

Yet despite this, a lot of people who claim to be insiders of the company have revealed some details about the device which piqued the interest of customers who are eagerly anticipating the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. So here’s what you can expect from the device, based on the reports of these “insiders”.

Device is On the Way

Although it is still January, folks at Samsung are said to have already been working on the new device and they confirmed that the Galaxy Note is already on the way. Furthermore, the rumor mill also speculates that the release date of the device is set for September and some reports also suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come with a three sided display, much like its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3.

Although these rumors were not confirmed, these rumors are already making the headlines all over the World Wide Web. Yet, Samsung remained tightlipped and has never released even a single word confirming the authenticity of these reports.

Different Design

Samsung fanatics should expect a different design on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Well that is, if the rumors are true that Samsung is thinking of coming up with a completely different design for this new device.

According to them, the new device will either be metal or plastic. No one can tell as of now which material the company will use, yet analysts are confident that Samsung will no longer be offering the faux leather backed mobile device once again, similar to the Galaxy Note 3.

If you can remember, a lot of critics were not too impressed with this design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. And therefore, it was predicted that Samsung will definitely not offer this design on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

New Display

According to some reports, the new Galaxy Note 4 will have a totally new screen display. It will be different from the one fitted for the Galaxy Note 3 last year which comes with a 5.7 inch full High Definition Super AMOLED. Further reports have confirmed that the new device will indeed come in a three sided display. This concept might be something new to you but according to experts, the design is similar to the Samsung YOUM concept that was showcased during the International Consumer Electronics Show held last year.

Furthermore, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have 2,560 x 1,440 pixels in a QHD resolution. But then again, like the rest of the rumors, the AMOLED technology has not been confirmed yet.

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