These days, mobile phones are capable of so many everyday tasks.

These small devices hold more power than we could imagine; they replaced the radio, calculator, TV, iPod and CD player, books, and so many people use it for social networking as well. With so many different exciting features on different devices, it is hard to come to a conclusion of which phone reigns supreme over the other. When it comes to comparing two versions of the same model phone, the newer version may not always be preferable to users.

The Glory of the S4

Of course the Samsung Galaxy S4 arrives with a new, wider design, and a fancier display with crisp, refreshing edges on the icons and wallpaper so clear that it just pops out. There are new features to explore compared to its predecessor, the S3, such as eye gesture which follows the movement of your eyes when reading, and air gesture, which enables you to answer a phone call with a wave. It enables users to have two different cameras operating at one time. It is possible to take a video of something with the rear camera and perhaps take a picture of your reaction to it from the front camera. The s4’s processor is a beast- an 8-core, compared to the previous quad-core the s3 sported. It even supports and takes full HD videos.

Features of S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 always came with a plethora of fun features to toy with. It has face unlock, which users would have their phone be able to recognize their face to be able to have access to the home screen and the applications. It is possible to change font styles on the s3 as well, the factory phone initially carrying 3 of them. More of them are available for download at the Play Store. The s3 also features Smart Play, which dims the brightness of the screen when someone is reading the news, email, or books. It also turns off when the user looks away from the phone, and turns back on when the phone sees you again. Of course, these features are also available on the S4. Price-wise, however, the s4 is very costly compared to the s3 and there aren’t an extravagant amount of new features for most consumers to call it a brand new model and idea for this line of smartphone.

It is duly noted that both the s3 and s4 are marvelous phones with powerful processors that can support anything from music playing, movie watching, book reading, game playing, video recording, and so many unique features compared to other available smartphones in the market. With the s3 being the most popular Android phone in the market, it’s hard to come up with an upgraded phone to something that was already the best. But the s4 has some great features that may compel the people willing to fork out the money to upgrade.

Technology Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. S3: The Battle of the Beasts