The much anticipated release of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is drawing near.

Thus, a lot of rumors and speculations have been surfacing on the net about this new device from Samsung. If you are one of those who are eagerly anticipating the release of this new mobile phone, then you better read this short review of the new Samsung Galaxy S5. This review will be based on the speculations given by business analysts and other experts on the field.

Screen and Feel

According to a senior executive from Samsung, the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a focus on the screen and feel of the smartphone, although a selection of leaked photos that have been spreading all over the net about the new device have featured that it will come with a brand new UI. One of the most persistent rumors about this new phone is that it will be made up of a premium metal material. If this rumor is true, then this phone will no doubt become very popular among gadget freaks. As you know, there is something about metal that makes it to look more appealing to tech savvy individuals.

Highly Efficient Processor

A lot of reports have been spreading that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the first ever handset that will operate by means of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, which is a highly efficient processor. While this has not been confirmed by Samsung yet, a chipset manufacturer has hinted that indeed, this might just be the case for this new device.

If they are correct with this, then the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the fastest mobile phone in the planet. But given these high tech capabilities, it is safe to conclude that the Galaxy S5 could be one of the most expensive smartphones for 2014. But if money is not an issue for you, then the device is definitely worth investing on.

Amazing Display

Fresh reports have surfaced suggesting that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will not come with AMOLED technology, as what its predecessors have. Instead, what this new device will have is an amazing LTPS LCD display. According to sources, Samsung has decided to do this simply because they have encountered various difficulties on the 2K resolution AMOLEDs and they do not want to cause any further delays on the production of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung is certainly doing the right thing when they decided to integrate an amazing LTPS LCD display on their new device. As you know, the screen display is an important factor and this will definitely matter a lot in any kind of mobile phone.

While these details about the new Samsung Galaxy S5 might sound very appealing, none of these have been confirmed by Samsung. And again, these are merely based on predictions and speculations from business analysts and other experts in the industry. But if all these predictions are true, then Samsung will surely be successful on their new endeavor and the new Samsung Galaxy S5 could become the most promising device for 2014.

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